Porsche 911 GT2 v Corvette ZR1 – drag race by autocar.co.uk

911 Carrera S

Porsche 911 GT2 v Corvette ZR1 – drag race by autocar.co.uk

Which is faster in a one-mile drag race? Porsche 911 GT2 or Corvette ZR1? Visit http://www.autocar.co.uk/porsche/ for the latest Porsche news and reviews, or…
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911 Carrera S question by Goo Yy: Porsche 911 (1978 Targa VS 1985 Carrera)?
so i just wanna know the differences about how do they look for example length in inches, any idea?

911 Carrera S best answer:

Answer by Paul S
The 911SC (1978) and 3.2L Carrera (1985) have the exact same unibody, and pretty much all of the same bodywork (ie, same fenders, etc – and thus the exact same dimensions). The main exterior difference would be the front fog lights, which were standard on most Carreras, and a different light than the optional fogs on the SC. The 1978 model is far more likely to have an external antenna (all or nearly all of the Carreras had the antenna integrated in the front windshield).

By 1985, power windows were standard, along with other similar luxury additions… as such the typical Carrera will weigh in a hundred pounds or more heavier than an early SC (the ’87 and later Carreras more so due to the extra weight of the G50 transmission).

There are some differences in the interior… the standard and option seats changed between 1978 and 1985. 1985 was the first year where the four spoke steering wheel was used (compared to the older 3 spoke used in 1978, and through 1984). The locking mechanism for the rear seat backs had started to change around 1894, though many of the Carreras still used the older leather tethers that were in use in 1978 (this wouldn’t seem to have changed over completely until the 964 models repalced the 3.2L Carrera).

The main difference in these cars will be mechanical. The Carrera has a 3.2L engine compared to the 3.0L in the SC. The DME engine management in the Carrera is a substantial upgrade over the CIS on the SC (both work just fine, but the DME is more flexible).

The brakes on the Carrera are a moderate upgrade… very similar calipers, but thicker discs. The other major difference would be the improved oil cooler in the 1985 model.

All in all though, there is far more in common with these cars than not, and that would stand true of the later 3.2L Carreras as well (1986 changed the A/C ducting and the addition of the third brake light, 1987 saw the change to the G50 Tranmission… etc).

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  1. This video is FAR more accurate than the useless MT review that chevy paid
    off. Gt2>pos zr1

  2. wiigamer136 says:

    IDK if they even used launch control on the corvette

  3. mmnissanzroadster9 says:

    “On this surface…” It SHOULD work on ANY surface….. well…. except for
    ice…. lol

  4. put these cars on the same tires and the Vette wins

  5. altimgamr says:

    porsches SHITS on pos fag corvettes in every type of racing. 911 is just
    better than chevy

  6. Greg Dragoo says:

    The zr1 is faster the the gt2 around a track and in a line. This is by far
    the most bias review I’ve ever seen. I don’t understand why people hate
    American cars so much. Why can’t you just give credit when its deserved?

  7. Grant Vande Mheen says:

    2009 porsche gt2 msrp $266,860. 2009 corvette zr1 msrp $103,300 enough
    said. let chevy make a $266,000 dollar car and you would see the fastest
    production car in the world.

  8. altimgamr says:

    wait i do like chevy it is way better than porsche.

  9. judah hunter says:

    obviously porshe is quicker not faster otherwise corvette will obliterate
    the 911

  10. altimgamr says:

    good kill by the GT2!!! good job porsche!!! proving that they are STILL
    better than pos gm

  11. Killa Bee says:

    Bias race zr1 eats porches for breakfast lunch and dinner. But I like both
    cars. GTR=Cockroach on wheels LOL.

  12. max weissman says:

    The VETTE was going 3 mph FASTER at the line! You heard him say on every
    shift he would gain, which MEANS that the vette accelerates harder BUT the
    Porsche has a better shifter and tranny. Both very sexy cars. GTFO biased

  13. 1HumphreyOmega says:

    Look out all you porsche and supercar in enthusiast there is a new sheriff
    in town and his name is corvette Z06. Finnally an a American made car that
    will shut all of you guys up.