Nordschleife vs. Porsche 918 Spyder – 6:57

918 Spyder

Nordschleife vs. Porsche 918 Spyder – 6:57

Sometimes, words cannot describe a feeling. But sometimes, a simple figure can: 6:57 minutes. Witness the record-shattering lap of the new 918 Spyder on the …
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918 Spyder question by Andrew Sayegh: Can you purchase a porsche 918 spyder now?
i think i heard its going for 1.5 million.

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Answer by Laanthony

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  1. $ USD 845,000*

  2. FIFAracer says:

    Seems like it was a wet lap!

  3. PapaD93 says:

    This is what you get when you smash together a 911 and a mclaren MP4-12C?

  4. shinnyspace says:

    at the end some guys didn’t seem really happy

  5. beatbasher says:

    What’s that about the P1, the car that doesn’t even have a Nurburgring
    time… Because McLaren decided it was too embarrassing to publicise.

  6. Patrick Gullia says:

    that is a kick ass car

  7. Andreas Wurm says:

    Absolute incredible machine! … but why did you design the centre console
    to look like a giant mobile phone?!?

  8. Ricardo Benitez says:
  9. Village Luxury Cars says:

    Awesome footage of the new #918 at #Nordschleife

  10. Gethin Davies says:

    Though not the full 24hr track :( 

  11. Jack4Smith says:

    In the video there are 2 different drivers – helmets…. So it is not very

  12. HaloHamstur says:

    Well done Porsche.

  13. nsxtreme1 says:

    La Ferrari and P1… well what do you have to say?

  14. Sheepborg says:

    No it is still in concept phase.
    It will not be released for some time and the estimated price tag is $ 850,000

  15. No.

    It is still a concept. But they most likely will start manufacturing it soon to sell to the public because it has been showing lots of interest from millionaires and billionaires.