Nissan GT-R | Porsche 911 GT3 | BMW M3 [Autocar] – Part 1

911 GT3

Nissan GT-R | Porsche 911 GT3 | BMW M3 [Autocar] – Part 1

Chris Harris times the GT-R and its rivals round a UK circuit.
911 GT3 Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. pimpsahan55 says:

    911 and gtr so lucky cuz turbos!!!!!come on guys u knw it fast and if e92
    has turbo on it it hell gonna smoke tha both car M power!!!!!!! again im
    not hating 911 or gtr wat im saying it unlucky for e92 witout turbo guys….

  2. Kingcobra439 says:

    GT-R beats all those u rop sport car. GT-R is cheaper to fix , better
    build, and cost less (under $90,000). Not $200 or $300,000 like those u-rop
    car that must be crazy can’t even drive around. Haha… nissan GT-R beats
    all u-rop cars.

  3. @pimpsahan55 You’re a fucking wanker! what if you put the super charger on
    the Porsche? TOOL!

  4. pimpsahan55 says:

    @mattyoz0 hey fool mod mean modify or tuned car u dumbfuck….plus u
    already knw s/c m3 will beat both cars so juss SHUT THA FUCK UP…

  5. I wonder how the new M3 GTS would go against the Porsche GT3 and maybe the
    GT3 RS…..

  6. Alex Vaughn says:

    If any of you have ever picked up a car magazine such as Motor Trend, Car &
    Driver, Automobile etc. in the past two years you would know that the M3 is
    the better car. However i would prefer a GT-R if i had to chose from the 3.

  7. Qiuyuan Chen says:

    If the new F30 M3 powered by a V6 3.3 litre Bi-tubro, it might be a better
    machine. And if BMW put the liquid cooling turbo from M5 on the new M3,
    that will be a really push to other competitors.

  8. Carlos Gonzalez says:

    GTR haciendo cambios????!!!!! WTF..

  9. Haider Kabir says:

    @vtknight777 not saying the gtr isn’t a great car. i personally think
    nissan could’ve done a much better job. 1800+ kg is inexcusable for a 2+2
    high performance machine that isn’t compromised by luxury like a bentley
    continental or a mercedes SL-series. consider it’s tremendous performance,
    and imagine what it could do with 300kg less :) i am a huge fan of nissans.
    i’ve driven r32 and r33 gtr, 180sx to s14/15s, 350z and own a 300zx TT. i
    think i’m just disappointed.

  10. themadscientist13 says:

    It’s not a Skyline Chris.

  11. Descartes619 says:

    Nissan GT-R… the Legend is Real.

  12. PulletSurprise says:

    If you’re relying on the perceived classiness of a car to get you phone
    numbers than you’re doing it very, very wrong.

  13. mindsmirror says:

    What are you talking about son? My statements are based on quite a bit of
    data son. Clarify “Please know better the car world” if you would.