New 2015 Porsche Cayenne reveal promo

Cayenne S Hybrid

New 2015 Porsche Cayenne reveal promo

The new generation of the Cayenne will launch on the market in five versions: Cayenne S (420 hp), Cayenne Turbo (520 hp), Cayenne Diesel (262 hp), Cayenne S …
Cayenne S Hybrid Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. EpochOfReason1 says:

    Still ugly, still bland, still over-priced and still a glorified brand
    whore… Who cares.

  2. mlee251252253254 says:

    Welp. So much for our 2014 cayenne… Outdated within a few months >.<

  3. PlazmaBooy says:

    Don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m not a big fan of those new rear lights,
    neither the ones from the current gen Cayenne. The first Cayenne has some
    nice looking rear lights, don’t know why the screwed that one up.

  4. رياض الزهراني says:

    ITS loooooks so FAKE >> dont know why?!

  5. Rahul Potluri says:

    I thought the previous Cayenne didn’t look to bad, but Porsche has taken it
    back to being as ugly as the first version.

  6. TheEasyontheeyes says:

    Wow can believe it..they managed the impossible..they actually made it
    uglier then it was lol so sad porsche

  7. UGLY! The Porsche badge fools everybodies eyes! If it didn’t have that
    Porsche badge, then NO-ONE would buy it!

  8. So what were the exterior changes??

  9. Porsche seem to have simple car adds, no bragging about new lights and
    safety systems. Their Cayenne styling is not as dramatic as the Macan but
    still A great Suv to drive. Better than the ML63 and BMW X5M if you want a
    perfomance SUV. 

  10. Lucky Luciano says:

    Porsche рулит …

  11. Gultekin COSAR says:

    I liked this Porsche Cayenne model. I wish I own this model. :) 

  12. 星仔 星仔 says:


  13. realchimera says:

    A cheap ass suv carrying the Porsche logo.

  14. NewDroBleach says:


  15. Christian Ørnstrup says:

    Why is it computer generated, and not the real deal?

  16. Brandon Jolley says:

    So will the GTS and Turbo S models come later, I assume?

  17. Chris Chan says:

    Other than the word “diesel” this ad gave no new information. They should
    go back to the drawing board and hire a better agent for the next ad. This
    ad, failed.

  18. VaperBok75 says:

    That… is sexy. I’d give up my BMW for one. Afford it, yah right. I’d
    still take it..

  19. sinoperture says:

    Ugh! White. Yuck.

  20. ANDREAS ANDRAS says:

    fast :) we have one a diesel