Megane RS 2014 + Porsche Cayman R Nürburgring Nordschleife

Porsche Cayman Nurburgring

Megane RS 2014 + Porsche Cayman R Nürburgring Nordschleife

GoPro HD – PORSCHE Cayman R 330PS Megane 265 R.S. – 265 PS.
Porsche Cayman nurburgring Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Much better driver in the RS

  2. SuperDigitalMe says:

    I want to do something ridiculous, sell my scirocco R and get the new
    facelifted megane RS, am i crazy?

  3. Dag Johnsen says:

    Good passing before Kleine Karusell!! FUN to watch :-) 

  4. great driving with megane rs, it is obvious that you are faster than
    porsche driver.

  5. zoltar56 says:

    Amazing to see a front wheel car competing with a more powerful central
    engine rear whell drive car on a track (don’t even tal of the price)!! it
    just tells the quality work the Renault engineer did on this car.

  6. Piotr Szukłow says:

    Impressive driving. Hardly an apex missed and very good gear shifting. Well

  7. Jeffrey Texcell says:

    Okay, the Cayman did not get killed. It was slowed up by every car and bike
    on the ring until the driver finally made an error. The only kudos for the
    RS is that the driver took advantage at the perfect time.

  8. Khalil Bachir Aouissi says:

    Very good driving, oh yeah megane rs is olways the best on a track

  9. tuska20000 says:

    You getting a cayman next ;) 

  10. Guillaume Romain says:

    what a driving!!! and that renault is capable too…. NICE!

  11. never mind the cayman did you see how he overtook the porsche turbo. LOL
    ridiculous … give that driver a fiat panda and he would beat most people
    in a Ferrari … nothing to do with the car! 

  12. erirocit says:

    Slick Tyres renault (y)

  13. Etienne GARMY says:

    Pure joy…

  14. Vins GhostDog says:

    nice men, Very nice Race !!!!