Kawasaki Z1000 2011 vs. Porsche 911 Turbo

911 Turbo

Kawasaki Z1000 2011 vs. Porsche 911 Turbo

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  1. Jack Jerenore says:

    Ha stupid Porsche! People that drive cars like rice burners should learn
    not to race ninja bikes. I mean the BMW s1000rr beats a Bugatti in a drag
    race for gods sake! Motorcycles will always be faster.

  2. I like how this people on the comments like to bash the Porsche driver for
    wasting so much money to go as fast as a 10k bike. I would love to have a
    ninja ZXR10 but i would still get a Honda S2000 because i still love the
    whole sensation of a decent powered RWD car. And also i can ride in comfort
    once in a while and not take rain in the face and wear gloves, helmet and
    all the equipment i need to ride a bike. Sometimes i just want to relax and
    not worry about being smashed into the back of a car because a guy in the
    back forgot to brake.

  3. bryan connor says:

    z1000 winner !

  4. tagsoneveryting says:

    The bikes accelerate quicker but cars have higher top end and better
    balance. That why cars are faster on road courses. I bet the Porsche would
    beat that bike on The Ring.

  5. SoniaMausi says:

    …den Start hätte man gar nicht versuchen brauchen…(auch nicht mit nem
    911 Bi-Turbo ;) )

  6. Die Beschleunigung von Motorrad und Auto zu vergleichen ist, als würde man
    die Aufnahme eines Mikros mit der Wiedergabe von Boxen gegeneinanderstellen.
    Das Video zeigt aber nicht, wer schneller ist. Checkt das!

  7. SheWantsTheD says:

    redbull vs monster lol

  8. Listas de Repro duccion says:

    hahaha small driver, big car hahahahaha sun of dad $$

  9. ExplodingBacon says:

    This is when timmy knew, he fucked up!

  10. Slawomir Kolpak says:

    I like the Dainese Leather Suit Combination with Black helmet and Spidi
    boots, what suit model it is exactly ?

  11. Ha ha, Porsche!

  12. The guy on the bike wasnt even trying he backed off ,probably for safety

  13. XzifriteBike19 says:

    Bye bye Porsche =)

  14. I m a biker at heart but cars have heater , ac heated or cool seats , they
    are weather proof , more balance due to four wheels , so owning a car is
    must for every biker

  15. MegaBoehseronkel says:

    Dann kommst mit ner zx12r machst die Leistungsreduzierung der Gänge weg
    stellst alles richtig ein und dann wollen wir mal sehen ob der kack porsche
    auch knapp 360 läuft

  16. Aap Banaan says:

    Obviouy the z1000 was gonna win

  17. InYourFace says:

    Porsche drivers says: Uhh… Ok Traction Control off, Race Mode On, Launch
    Control Set, Dick setting to Erect… Ok ok he sees us, he’s looking at us.
    Ready, 3, 2, 1, GOOO!!!! …….. Farrrrkkeeerrr this Car Suck titties!
    Should have gotten that bike and look cooler instead of this clown car.

  18. I hate suckers who always wanna race bikes at an intersection. Suckers
    always rev their stupid cars and I always reply them by losing them in the