How to change a Porsche Boxster drivebelt in 3minutes

Porsche Cayman Oil Change

How to change a Porsche Boxster drivebelt in 3minutes

In this video i show you how to change the drivebelt (sometimes called the Polyrib belt) in under 3minutes. This is on a 2006 Porsche Boxster 2.7 Manual but …
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  1. Nhat Tran says:

    BTW, what is the difference between a drive belt, a serpentine belt, and a
    timing belt?

  2. conan howard says:

    is it important to where a wooly hat?

  3. shag ger says:

    thanks for sharing that, Awwwwwsommmmmeeee

  4. Nhat Tran says:

    Thanks for the video! Now I know I was overcharged; a shop charged me
    1.5hrs for the procedure.

  5. With a tight belt, it is MUCHO easier to slide the belt over the lower
    idler pulley and flexible idler pulley than over the a/c pulley.

  6. grahamwhite81 says:

    @milesdavisblackmx5- To get to the engine opening you need to fold the
    seatbacks forward, remove the rear carpet and unscrew the 10 bolts. That
    took you 5hours? Were you on crack?

  7. profuse007 says:

    porsche dealer would charge you 1 hour of work @ 140usd/hr.

  8. bazboro porsche says:

    nice one cheers

  9. vince martin says:

    Excellent. You just explained in 3 minutes what we spent 30 minutes finding
    out was NOT in our $40 “detailed” manual. Of course I can see why a Boxster
    manual wouldn’t address the changing of a belt. I mean who’s ever going to
    need that information!!! Blowing off some steam obviously. Seriously,
    thanks for the video mate!

  10. HoWilliam50 says:

    could you do step by step oil change on boxter please?

  11. sonJasHanJo says:

    Thanks for the video. With the encouragement I changed mine. I took about 2
    hours to get to the engine, change the belt (along with several filters)
    and put it back together. It will go quicker next time.

  12. grahamwhite81 says:

    @hussamstands- The Boxster has 2 seats, the 944 has 4 seats. As i never
    want to play taxi the 2 seat option is the better option would you agree?
    Also isnt the 944 really old, why would i not want a newer car? Opinions
    are like arseholes, Everyone has one!

  13. Said Sauder says:

    You just saved me a bunch on this belt change.. Thanks

  14. german dario rodriguez daza says:

    how much doed the service charge for it ?

  15. Joshuabrutl says:

    Dont you have to worry about timing issues?

  16. wheelsone55 says:

    He only replaced the accessory drive belt not the timing belt/chain. So the
    timing was not changed.

  17. Thank you so much man! I now have a car that I can afford and maintain,
    even at my age! I worked hard for this car & I am learning how to maintain
    it myself. Thank you very much for this video and information!

  18. I Love Ledd Zepp! says:

    Awesome video dude! Helped me out loads :)

  19. josephanimation says:

    Excellent video. With regards timing belts on the Boxster it actually has
    self adjusting timing chain system as far as I am aware! You should make
    some more videos!

  20. ProjectM97 says:

    @THEGIANTSMURF Every 60,000 miles.

  21. HussamStands says:

    I have one of these pieces of crap. As much as I love it, I hate working on
    it. The design of this car and how the engine sits is just so fucked up.
    Germans try to prove a point and make as hard as possible to do shit on
    these cars. I still in love with my 944. That is a real porsche!

  22. rokketdawg says:

    Great video! I just bought a Boxster S this year and it had the suspension
    “rigidly tuned” (very low) at the dealer when it was purchased new. I took
    it to 3 different lube shops who told me they couldn’t change the oil
    because it was too low. As a result, I have done all of the small
    maintenance items myself so far and changing the belt is the last item on
    the list…maybe the rotors and brakes will be next. Anyway, again, thanks
    for the great video…it helped me understand a lot!

  23. ProjectM97 says:

    @milesdavisblackmx5 It only takes about 10 minutes actually.


    how often should this be changed?