Her first time in a Porsche 911 GT3!

911 GT3

Her first time in a Porsche 911 GT3!

Inspired by the Porsche 997.2 GT3 introduction video, I wanted to try and create something similar using my GT3. The person in the video is a great friend; s…
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911 GT3 question by simon: Is there a porsche 911 gt3 2013?

911 GT3 best answer:

Answer by Old Man Dirt
It does not seem like there is from the US sites listings (http://www.porsche.com/usa/). But this a the racing version, so it might take some special paper work and need to get one built and not appear on the for sale to the public site.

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  1. GOD such a cliffhanger. her face is saying go up some more!!! 

  2. ploetzlich30 says:

    she is wonderful, and so is her attitude!

  3. charlieflint says:

    Lol at all the youtube armchair racing experts commenting on this guy’s
    driving. You can’t drive fast and not have a passenger move under shifting
    under acceleration, braking, cornering and shifting, even if they were
    pinned in by an eight point harness, The driver always anticipates these
    events (because they’re doing the driving, after all) and as such they are
    fully braced and tensed and also braced against the wheel and pedals.

    And beeroosterm, I’m sure she is just a friend, and I bet this guy doesn’t
    have trouble with the girls, jealous much?

  4. ScumbagMafia says:

    I just had the honor of recovering a very early Irish Green 911 all
    original car #302226. After sitting in a barn for over 20 years it was up
    and running in less than 48 hours, a true testament to the great Doctors
    love and passion for the automobile. I have documented the story on my
    channel of how a 39 year old kid found one of the earliest ground breaking
    vehicles of all time. Happy 50th Porsche!

  5. Her red hair makes a lovely G-force meter.

  6. She has an awesome attitude, definitely up beat. Not easy to be a passenger
    in fast car so gutsy too

  7. LCdrDerrick says:

    I like her, she is cute and seems to be smart and likable. I’m so sick of
    those stupid US-Bikini-B****es with their outpopping silicone mutant
    breasts, presented by other performance cars codriver vids.

  8. Benjamin Pilgrim says:

    Well it looks like she is married :p 0:36

  9. mutudintei says:

    You got to give it to her….she’s a great “sport” …my wife would not
    touch the car let alone get in it ..lmao

  10. Nikkhil LaCoul says:

    Ever thought of doing a walk-around? There aren’t very many “walk-around”
    videos of gt3′s on youtube and it’d be nice to see what it looks like now
    because the picture on your channel with the car caged looks awesome.

  11. darkofight says:

    or shift at all for that matter..

  12. Dustoff85 says:

    Can anyone spell BJ

  13. Jimmy Kraktov says:

    Saw a race in the mid ’60s with Shelby Stangs, Vettes, AMC Javelins and
    Austin Super Coopers. Both Stangs blew up, the Vettes were fastest on the
    back strait and the Super Coopers beat everyone. Raw power didn’t seem to
    be winning the day :~)

  14. beeroosterm says:

    “The person in the video is a great friend; she’s such a great sport”…So,
    that means she won’t screw you, eh?

  15. ford is the only make to win in f1 (as an engine supplier), le mans 24
    hours (gt-40 best car ever built), wrc, nascar and indy so next time keep
    your mouth shut

  16. Dylan Harrington says:

    Her hair really is the best G-Meter ever… Love it. I love GT3′s!

    #porsche #GT3


  17. Jimmy Page says:

    She reminds me of my wife!

  18. TheBarnem13 says:

    Oh I feel so dorry for her the look of absolute relief on her face when he
    slows is priceless well done much hugs

  19. POL3INAROW says:

    She is a GREAT sport, you did an excellent job keeping her as comfortable
    as she could be! Love the hair G-force meter….

  20. joseph cabanban says:

    fuck this commercials.

  21. Richard Tattersall says:

    Porsche’s, beautifully engineered, lovely engine note….

  22. rittersternburdocks says:

    Great Performence! ;-)

  23. I would be saying, “come on man, is that all ya got?” Then we’d both have a
    good chuckle

  24. beeroosterm says:

    Come on! A GT3 costs $180,000. Do you think it’s fair to compare a $30,000
    Mustang (still with well over 400 hp) to a track-optimized Porsche?

  25. Oliver Orlie says:

    Toronto Motorsports Park! I recognize that circuit for sure.

  26. If you’re asking whether it’s available in the 991 chassis, the answer is “no”, it’s not yet available. Nor is the Turbo yet available in the 991 chassis.

  27. The previous response suggesting “special paperwork” to order a 911 GT3 will do you absolutely no good at all.

    Porsche, AG will not build it on the 991 chassis until all study, development, and engineering is completed and tested “tried and true”, no matter how much money you’re willing to throw at it. In the minds of their engineers, “alles muss perfekt sein” (all must be perfect) before they start production.

  28. designergenes says:

    The GT3 is a regular Porsche street model – when Porsche is building it, which is not necessarily every year. The newest body style,the 991-body 911, is out so far only as the Carrera, Carrera S, Carrera 4, and Carrera 4S. These 911s are available in both coupe and cabriolet styles.

    The new specialty Porsche 911s – the Turbos, GT3, and GT2 have not been released yet. The Turbo should be out soon. The other cars will follow when Porsche is ready to sell them.