Hayabusa vs Porsche 911 Turbo – 996

911 Turbo

Hayabusa vs Porsche 911 Turbo – 996

Suzuki GSX1300R hayabusa limited edition model 2006 with stock engine and TwoBrothers mufflers vs Porsche 911 turbo 996 model 2002 with stainless steel exhaust.
911 Turbo Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Farhan Ahmed says:

    Cars are shit compare to the bikes .. Hayabusa can defeat Buggatti

  2. ToxicReaper7 says:

    @hosam elsaqa Window was down because he wanted to hear the Hayabusa’s
    exhaust… And the new Porshe 991 turbo S would only lose and by alot.
    Maybe a little less but these porshe’s don’t have the power it takes to
    take a Busa man.

  3. Mansur black says:

    close the windows you dumb

  4. bousoukakusei says:

    He is a gay whom everybody is talking about

  5. Bruno Lima says:

    now put bugatti

  6. illilillili says:

    yeah not kissing pavement at 130mph because a bird freaks out and hits you
    in the chest.

  7. d9luker . says:


  8. omidool says:

    Well, I think in that case they’re both losers and the idiocy will win!

  9. rubyrachel enabours says:

    both of these are Stunning bikes.I would love to ride.

  10. saroya1919 says:

    @videozal so u think a bike is not only faster but your saying it’s safer
    then a car at high speeds? Right not only did your parents drop you but
    they played soccer with your dumb ass head

  11. omidool says:

    You got some issues kid.

  12. jakejakejake55 says:

    No it is true most deaths in car accident a cure from neck brakes by
    smashin in to the wind screen on a bike there is nothing in front of u but
    straight road and a car or 2 so put your arms out head up and you could
    just slowly skid along

  13. howardboi100 says:

    I have a ducati monster, Suzuki hayabusa and have had pretty much every
    harley going. I drive to work in my jaguar xfr or my nissan gtr r35 when my
    wife is using the jag. I own a land rover discovery 4 and used to have an
    ariel atom and quad bike. The fact is this. Biking is about adrenaline.
    Fine you get it in the gtr in its sub 3 second acceleration or 200 mph jaw
    dropping speed but its nothing like a bike ! Thats why I totally agree with
    you 100 %. We can afford it but choose not to.

  14. HeadHutner c says:

    you are the idiot he has right in a bike you can slide on the ground to
    survive when you have the leather jacked and other bike stuff but in the
    car you are in the seat you cannot escape the crash i sawed a video in
    youtube where a guy driving with a hayabusa turbo 400kmh and he was
    outtacontrol and crashed with his bike on the ground but he slided on the
    ground wich he dont died…….

  15. Jason Krahn says:

    lol no