Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 vs Corvette Z06 vs Panamera vs GT-R vs Gallardo

Panamera S

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 vs Corvette Z06 vs Panamera vs GT-R vs Gallardo

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Panamera S Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. dieselstar5 says:

    The GTR aka former skyline will be a legend here in the states as it is
    back in Japan. Godzilla dethrone supercars…and no it’s not overhyped,
    it’s well engineered. Mod it up and it’s killing cars with larger
    displacement along with more power but yet having the same curb weight.
    It’s the little V6 that can. 

  2. Vishal Rai says:

    I don’t know much about drag sooo…excuse me but…..didnt the lambo at
    the end get a headstart? Was that on purpose or driver fault?

    I came because of the Mustang anyway. FUCKING LOVE THAT CAR!!!

  3. Randell Franklin says:

    I am very confused about the first race. That corvette should have been
    able to beat the mustang all things considered. It was lighter, more
    powerful, and more aero dynamic. What happen? And don’t get me wrong out of
    all the cars I liked the mustang the most. My dream is to own a 2012-2013
    Boss 302. But still that corvette should have won.

  4. Horrible driver in the GT500…like seriously, 12.5? That car should be
    going low-mid 11′s on the street tires.

  5. pedro guevara says:

    All I saw was that gtr kicking that overrated crapstang ass and yall crying
    about it Turbos are the way to go not v8

  6. LS1NNOVATIONS says:


  7. Gerardo Lazaro says:

    Damn Straight!!!

  8. Brian Smith says:

    ok curveball I believe you<3 can I see your facebook now please? don’t be
    scared embarrassed of yourself.

  9. John Westcomb jr says:

    Americans build there cars to be fast not go and buy a half a million
    dollar car to be fast…. Where do you think drag racing comes from

  10. TheOfficialPSPHacker says:

    All wheel drive, twin turbos, modded, more hp, and $150,000 (before
    modding.. after the mods it has it should be way more) and it just managed
    to beat the Shelby (a car that costs a third of the price) by less than a
    second… not that impressive :)

  11. VinicioTinettiPinto says:

    that track gives very bad times, I asked the same question a while ago but
    every car on there runs about 1.5 to 2 seconds slower of what they should
    be running, must be the altitud and other track conditions.

  12. lol corvette sucks

  13. Taylor Ryan says:

    Mustang beats the vette? Panamera beats the stang? I was really surprised.
    great video!

  14. cole amirian says:

    gt500 is the sickes car on the planet

  15. V8Supercar1 says:

    Because by then, the engine is heat soaked.

  16. SHELBY GT says:

    2013/14 Cobra Jet ( shelby GT500 )

  17. those ugr lambos are no joke..look them up.

  18. XSVterror18 says:

    The start doesn’t matter. It goes by time.

  19. cobramanphil says:

    Really? All the cars in the video except for the Ford are modified. On top
    of that how are they over rated. A lot of European cars have great style,
    but there is a price tag that comes with it…