Fifth Gear- BMW 1series Coupe VS.Porsche Cayman DOG FIGHT!!!

Cayman Porsche Review

Fifth Gear- BMW 1series Coupe VS.Porsche Cayman DOG FIGHT!!!

A Cool video in witch the beemer dog fights the porsche, do you know who’s gona win? think again… Tiff VS Jason Plato.
Cayman Porsche review Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. if you don’t know how to drift.. then don’t drift..

  2. Are they trying to copy top gear ?

  3. Tiff is a giant bell end

  4. Dyna-e Int says:

    The winner is not whoever spelled which.

  5. bag of dicks

  6. Gustav Norling says:

    1:44 lol!

  7. Lee-harry C says:

    These cars aren’t even in the same category so wtf the point!?!? 

  8. Andrzej Szatkowski says:

    Bullshit, bimmer does not have locking diff

  9. Matt Oneill says:

    I like Top Gear but I love 5Th Gear its more real, less acting

  10. This is all BS. What a bunch of *__*?

  11. schubi128 says:

    There are great Motor Journalists in Britain who can drive properly. Can’t
    anybody teach these two clowns also?

  12. Christian West says:

    The 135i doesn’t have a LSD 

  13. james mayes says:

    Just a half ass version of top gear

  14. Tom Marino says:

    give me the key to that 135i Bimmer any day over a brittle, poncey,
    poser Porsche that you will regret buying because the engine will go
    bang because of the intermediate shaft failure, while the BMW will not miss
    a beat. Freude am fahren

  15. totally bulllshit

  16. Stay Chill says:


  17. akaSkItTLes23 says:

    This video is bullshit. BMW will and always have been the best drivers car.

  18. What is the point really for a standard Cayman? Is it so Porsche can say
    they start at around 50K? Because you can’t buy one with doors or a hood
    for that price. I don’t think you would be cross shopping these two cars,
    maybe a Cayman S, and the 1 M. In either case I would buy the BMW. A fully
    loaded S is almost as much as a 911, and at that price wouldn’t you spend
    10k more for the 911…but the 1 M is faster than the CaymanS ( unless it
    has pdk), and about 20k cheaper…