Driving new Porsche Panamera 4S 2010

Panamera 4S

Driving new Porsche Panamera 4S 2010

Driving new Porsche Panamera 4S 2010.
Panamera 4S Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. tarek mejri says:

    oil will be finish 1 day ( closes minded )

  2. derbigpr500 says:

    Wow I didnt know they filmed Panamera in my country. :P

  3. soobwhale says:

    @Logarithm21 Be hopeful and work hard! I thoguht id never have the car of
    my dreams and now i do! Through hard work many things are possible. :)

  4. peterbandulj says:

    @prcistomic I thought it looked more like Dalmatia but you are probably
    right, thanks

  5. Mats Norway says:

    Agreed! It looks awful. That lambo thing on the other hand! ooye . Not that
    Lamborghini should make saloons and Grand tourers tho.

  6. derbigpr500 says:

    Its looks million times better in person.

  7. adogg619 says:

    He looks real comfortable. Nice quiet interior.

  8. Lorenzo Andrés Aguilar Ramírez says:

    Interiors are very cool but in the exterior the only thing i like is the

  9. sophiegromit says:


  10. DudeWithaPage says:

    I think its an ugly car but its sooo beautiful… I dont know how…

  11. nohsmega says:

    Im sheltered huh, mayb, ben called worse lol. Look makin a 911, 996 or
    watever the numbr is at the moment 30ft long wont win u a prize at the
    fair. Yea nice interior & gadgets, ova 150 grand its shud b. Porshe made
    the 911 loks off of “FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION”. So why does the PANA lok lik a
    911 if the engine is in the front? OUTDATED & DUMB. thy shud hav called it
    the new porshe STATIONWAGON & then i wud hav said Ok i can see that lol

  12. yphhy424 says:

    Say something Dummy!

  13. nohsmega says:

    If i had 100,000 bucks, porshe wud be near the bottom of my list so why wud
    I by 4 door version when i cud get a BMW MERC or BENTLY? This is ugly
    outdated & will be out of production in a few yrs, shit people dont even
    talk about it now thats its out. I ask Y?

  14. nasty! now i remember the reaction when i saw the cayenne for the first
    time…same feeling

  15. peterbandulj says:

    Just sat in one at a recent car show, wasn’t too happy with the way the
    exterior looked, but then I sat inside it, now all I do is think about this
    car……and I think this might have been filmed in Croatia…..just a
    guess looks a lot like it

  16. blackghost10sg says:

    this is the 2nd ugliest car in the world, the 1st one is BMW 5 Gran Tuismo.
    God damn it’s ugly!

  17. Lorenzo Andrés Aguilar Ramírez says:

    None Porsche costs less than 100 000 but a Cayman or a Boxster. A Bentley
    is over 200 000.

  18. derbigpr500 says:

    Its the island of Krk.

  19. chriscater says:

    the interior looks just astonishing

  20. Logarithm21 says:

    ahhh, i just watched 3:53 minutes of a beautiful car that i will never get

  21. leozdnbr says:

    forget about the car. what is that place?

  22. QuickSixx says:

    Rather this then the ugly cayenne! Porsche Jeep sux as its a sportscar.
    This reminds me better on a sport car!