Comparison: 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport vs. 2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder


Comparison: 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport vs. 2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder

Editor At Large Arthur St. Antoine and Technical Editor Kim Reynolds pit the all-electric Tesla Roadster Sport against the enthusiast favorite, the Porsche B…
Boxster Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Boxster question by mickey a: Porsche Boxster?
two or four seat car?

Boxster best answer:

Answer by youknowhowido2
two seats. the 911 is 4 seats. (well, there are 4 seats but theres no way an adult is fitting in the back seat).

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  1. Nick_Carriere says:

    Speaking of: 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder 

  2. Michael Veritas says:

    The Tesla Roadster’s technology seems promising; However, I think my
    Murcielago is gonna stay in the garage for some time. A 911 Turbo is
    around the same price as the Roadster; MT should have compared the 911
    Turbo vs. the Roadster. I guess MT didn’t want to show the Tesla has NO
    chance against a 911 Turbo!

  3. newdefsys says:

    Who else is sick to death of all the guilt tripping wrapped around the
    sales pitch for EV’s ?

  4. Piotr Bielawski says:

    Silnik elektryczny vs. porsche:)

  5. fredrickult dunston says:


  6. thedarkone123123 says:

    I think Tesla should make a ICE sound simulator, just for people that find
    it hard to drive without the vrooming of an internal combustion engine. So
    these guy can chill about how silent it is.

  7. Johnny Mac says:

    Two of the MOST DULL people on the planet. An English muffin has a better
    personality than these two knuckleheads.

  8. Austin Bachman says:

    porches are girly cars teslas way better

  9. BMWFilmz says:

    recently, tesla became the #1 car rich people purchase: not mustangs, not
    corvettes, not mercedes…

  10. seanspiering says:

    eat shit and die

  11. midiman16 says:

    I wish Tesla had gears and trans. I really don’t know if the electric motor
    could be designed that way, but it would make it a lot more desirable to
    the sports car crowd in my opinion. There is something about manual
    shifting that goes so well with driving a sports car, and driving in

  12. GodnCountry65 says:

    Excuse me, We? Have Al Gore’s mouse in your pocket? Pour on the
    hydrocarbons since there is no “global warming”, or whatever they’ve
    changed it to since they can’t ever get it right.

  13. Sam Wallace says:

    If someone wants a sports car, then they want a car that can roar its
    engine and go insanely fast (like the porsche). If you want an
    environmentaly friendly car, then you would never think of getting a car
    that’s even remotely sporty. My prediction is that this car is going to
    fail miserably.

  14. justin y says:

    Tesla is the car of the future, and of course, we r not there yet…

  15. creeddude98 says:

    What were the results of the drag race? It appeared that the Tesla was in
    the lead, but did it finish in the lead or did the Porsche catch up to it?

  16. faizaanalap4 says:

    dull script….dull review….dull editing….out of da blue
    metaphors….need 2 assess da competition…incomplete info…not a single
    thing above average…entrance on a tow truck interruptin was jes ok

  17. Albert Art says:

    #tesla #auto

  18. Nathanael Newton says:

    I love every one of +Tesla Motors cars :D 

  19. Apostoli says:

    The Porsche Boxster, whether the new one or old one, is a two seater and only comes as a convertible. The coupe version of the Boxster is (technically speaking) the coupe version of the Boxster. Here’s the list of the seats for all current Porsches:
    Boxster: 2 seats
    Cayman: 2 seats
    911: 2+2 seats (=4 :P ) except for the GT3 RS which has the rear (imitation) seats removed for less weight and has a role-bars instead for roll-over protection.
    Cayenne: 5 seats
    Carrera GT: 2 seats (although it stopped production a year ago).

    I know you didn’t ask for this kind of info, but it doesn’t hurt to know. Hope I helped.

  20. SnIpEr_ACS says:

    2 Seats.