City car driving: Porsche Cayenne Turbo S [G27]

Cayenne Turbo S

City car driving: Porsche Cayenne Turbo S [G27]

Hey tout l’monde :) On se retrouve aujourd’hui pour une petite vidéo sur city car driving simulator en mode libre avec la Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. Enjoy :) L…
Cayenne Turbo S Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. thijs1802 says:

    What are your laptop specs? 

  2. TheSuperTyree says:

    Lets say you were to speed and such. Is there cops to pull you over?

  3. MONSIEUR SASA says:


  4. RealSan vII says:

    Tu payes et apres c illimité

  5. Tu fait trop forcer les rapports :/ Sinon bonne vidéo

  6. delta3490 says:

    Intro sound?

  7. RealSan vII says:


  8. Joe khones says:

    you don’t know how to shift realy ^^’

  9. Yolo MCKingsEVER says:


  10. HeynnerGame Gon says:

    no saves conducir no dejas que revolucione el carro

  11. sergio guerrero villar says:

    you can excitin but you are a palet !!!!

  12. leon538gaming says:

    you suck at driving

  13. RealSan vII says:

    Hey, thanks,I don’t speak portuguese, just spanish and french :D

  14. F1Phoenix says:

    He’s using a Logitech G27, and the cheapest place where you can buy one is

  15. csalova tatuka says:

    Donwloand Link?

  16. OPG VoDkA says:

    esite pas a pousser tes rapport a fond c’est un bonheur ! prochaine video
    sur ce jeux alors n’esiter pas a aller visiter ma chaine ;)

  17. KingCondren says:

    Is there a clutch pedal?

  18. dont waste ur money for a shit game !!!!! buy a car idiot or get friends

  19. FastGamer says:

    lol same laptop 17 inch screen

  20. GamingWith Eoghan says:

    what song is your intro

  21. flobmx2000 says:

    Very good like

  22. Max InUsWeTrust says:

    hahaha criss c drole