Cayenne Platinum Edition

Cayenne Platinum Edition

Cayenne Platinum Edition

Qué hacer cuando se ha alcanzado la meta? ¿Respirar a fondo, descansar? Es una posibilidad. Nosotros hemos elegido otra: continuar, pensar más allá. El resu…
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Cayenne Platinum Edition question by iloveivy12: Which SUV is at my standards?
Hi i’m looking for a new SUV that has these features and standards;

1. is either small like a land rover SUV or mid-sized like a Ford Explorer.

2. the rear seats fold flat into the floor 50/50 with the push of a button.

3. is good on gas mileage.

4. comes with a voice guided navigational system with text.

5. has a security system such as on-star or sync, or whatever kind it is just as long as it comes with bluetooth activity and stuff.

6. bluetooth/car phone

7. CD player that includes 6 CDs

8. Satelite radio

9. You can automatically open the trunk with the push of a button on one of your buttons from your keys, like Lincoln and Ford has with their cars and SUVs.

10. regualr standard features such as obviously air conditioning, heating, etc.

11. Sun roof and moon roof that automatically pens with just one push of a button.

12. automatic door locks

13. poweer folding seats with the push of a button (for third row and second row seating).

14. is roomy so that i can put enough stuff in it and store enough luggage in it incase i go traveling and stuff.

15. the side mirrors automatically go to the way you want them to go when you first enter the SUV.

16. is a luxury SUV.

19. is either american, japanese, or european.

20. has more than one cup holders and they all have coolers in your drinks that when u push the button, it cools your drink down and makes it chill liek the escalade platinum edition new one does.

21. has a really nice interior.

22. really nice exterior.

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Answer by Trust and Believe
Buick Enclave or Porsche Cayenne