Cayenne diesel review 2014 model.

Cayenne Platinum Edition

Cayenne diesel review 2014 model.

Quick review of the excellent Cayenne Diesel, the gem of the Cayenne model range. This particular car is the Platinum Edition.
Cayenne Platinum Edition Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Cayenne Platinum Edition question by iloveivy12: Which SUV is at my standards?
Hi i’m looking for a new SUV that has these features and standards;

1. is either small like a land rover SUV or mid-sized like a Ford Explorer.

2. the rear seats fold flat into the floor 50/50 with the push of a button.

3. is good on gas mileage.

4. comes with a voice guided navigational system with text.

5. has a security system such as on-star or sync, or whatever kind it is just as long as it comes with bluetooth activity and stuff.

6. bluetooth/car phone

7. CD player that includes 6 CDs

8. Satelite radio

9. You can automatically open the trunk with the push of a button on one of your buttons from your keys, like Lincoln and Ford has with their cars and SUVs.

10. regualr standard features such as obviously air conditioning, heating, etc.

11. Sun roof and moon roof that automatically pens with just one push of a button.

12. automatic door locks

13. poweer folding seats with the push of a button (for third row and second row seating).

14. is roomy so that i can put enough stuff in it and store enough luggage in it incase i go traveling and stuff.

15. the side mirrors automatically go to the way you want them to go when you first enter the SUV.

16. is a luxury SUV.

19. is either american, japanese, or european.

20. has more than one cup holders and they all have coolers in your drinks that when u push the button, it cools your drink down and makes it chill liek the escalade platinum edition new one does.

21. has a really nice interior.

22. really nice exterior.

Cayenne Platinum Edition best answer:

Answer by Trust and Believe
Buick Enclave or Porsche Cayenne

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  1. infiltr80r says:

    Cars are so cheap in the US, jealous.

  2. phototristan says:

    What camera do you use for the point of view shots while you drive? I
    assume it’s some sort of head band mount?

  3. Andrew Larsen says:

    What lens and focal length did you use on the truck scene. I really likes
    that slip.

  4. SuppppperPosii says:

    panamera or cayenne which one u like better? 

  5. Sukun Paul says:

    love your videos!

  6. maxpowers3732 says:

    Do you know how it compares to other SUVs as far as off road capabilities?

  7. Charles Austin says:

    I enjoy listening/watching your videos more than some of the biggest car

  8. RCGCarReviews says:

    Also, what are the issues that the dealership is still trying to fix with
    your 911?

  9. Nick Murray says:
  10. phototristan says:

    It seems a bit telling that your Porsche has been in the shop for so long…

  11. RCGCarReviews says:

    Before purchasing a Cayenne, maybe check out the new Macan!

  12. Jonas Jonaitis says:

    Hey Nick don’t you have Diesel S in US? We do have such one here in EU and
    well… numbers speak for themselves: 850nm / 620 ft lbs anyone? :) 

  13. woodypwx says:

    I didn’t have enough money for a Cayenne, so I bought a Touareg 3.0 TDI
    (2010 => the second generation) for half of the Cayennes price. It is still
    very similar to the Cayenne and build at the same factory. Exact same
    engines and many same parts in a slightly different package. Ofcourse, the
    Cayenne uses higher quality real leather and some other materials, but
    that’s not something I need.

  14. Shin Ken says:

    Hi Nick,

    Which one of the following Cayenne do you think has the best ride quality:
    1) Base/Standard suspension
    2) PASM suspension
    3) PASM with air suspension

    Thanks a lot!

  15. The diesel is actually the most popular here in Melbourne, Australia and
    has the longest wait out of all the models in the cayenne range, I have
    been in one and its great

  16. Wiktor Oleksy says:

    In Europe we have a Cayenne Diesel S which produces around 340 HP. 

  17. DaDonFather says:

    Wow, every car company wishes that they had “dissatisfied customers” like
    you who give raving reviews for a loaner while your 911 is such a lemon.
    That platinum spoiler looks fugly. I’d pay money just to get rid of it.

  18. techdude6693 says:

    Wonder how this would compare to the X5 35d M sport. The X5 is more boxy

  19. El Tuerto says:

    Nick, you’ve become amazingly prolific with these reviews! Their quality is
    more reliable and consistent then that blasted 911 it seems and very
    helpful to prospective buyers. Of course, even in jest it’s painful to
    reflect on the situation – I’ve read your responses re it being in the
    shop. That said, you have my sympathy and I am pleased that the dealership
    is keeping you on wheels though I’m sure it’s not always convenient to have
    to change from one to another at their behest. But Nick, I have a serious
    question for you re: window tinting. As I’ve ordered the glass sunroof,
    I’ve also come to realize that the rear and side windows are clear in
    contrast to the dark glass. My initial research into this area has raised
    more concerns and created more questions than provided answers to settle
    the matter. Hence, I seek a voice of reason. Can you offer insight in re to
    (a) are factory tints actually facilitated by a glazing process from
    external glass manufacturing suppliers? (b) if so, does this answer why
    adhesive post-factory window tinting appears poorly regulated with a wide
    variance of quality related to installations and specific product
    selection? (c) which brand and product model is most appropriate for the
    911? (d) is all this talk of possible scratching and discolouration the
    norm for this type of modification? Sorry to bother you with this Nick, but
    I thought you might have some experience with it. Cheers and thanks!

  20. frozenzoo says:

    I really, really enjoy your Videos. They’re calm and very nice made. Thanks
    a lot

  21. No one car matches the everything you want The nearest is the Chevy Tahoe or Traverse or the Buick Enclave however the seats dont go down at the puch of a button.

  22. junkfood1 says:

    Do you need 4 wheel drive ?