Boxster with Straight Pipes

Boxster Straight Pipes

Boxster with Straight Pipes

99 Porsche Boxster mufflerless.
Boxster straight pipes Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Boxster straight pipes question by James: Are boxster engines any better or worse than the other engines?
why or why not. Whats goood and bad about it

Boxster straight pipes best answer:

Answer by AHU28
Boxster engines are better in my opinion because the pistons move left to right rather than up and down… it makes it easier to maintain and seems to me to be more powerful

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  1. TuneWithStyle says:

    Here is what I said, I am inspired by this video to install an electric
    cutout exhaust on my 1999 boxster. And I want to know if it is worth the
    money to do so. Also, on another note I wanted to know if you still had the
    super charger. I am 18 and want more power, haha. I want some wheel spin
    and power to go along with my exhaust if you know what I mean. 

  2. TuneWithStyle says:

    Please check Inbox

  3. sergey2master says:

    $25,000 ticket, the muffler is for a reason to clean up all the shit that
    comes from the engine and with straight pipes all the shit from the engine
    goes straight in the air and pollutes

  4. GTIAE3569 says:

    Thats the best sounding exhaust ive heard on a boxster, but i run on race
    tracks have db limits. that being said do you know how loud it is in db’s?

  5. nielsboex says:

    Sounds a bit like a V8 Vantage

  6. Chris Slimshadyy says:

    Ya! power should not be seen.. …but heard and felt

  7. kcole939 says:

    Jesus christ you’re mindless kid. The Boxster is naturally aspirated with a
    small 3.2 liter 6, and it produces 260 horsepower, AND is affordable to
    even middle class people. A supercar is by definition combines speed,
    handling, unique designs and represents the automaker’s art. A supercar is
    NOT what you want to call it. Go back to school, little man.

  8. spineboy says:

    Dang – that’s gotta be hella loud. I wonder what it sounds like inside.

  9. tarisdb says:

    sound like Veyron

  10. GamerzHelpuh says:

    How are Boxter drivers posers… My dad owns a business and we live in a
    $500,000 house and it’s paid off… Yet he drives a Boxter? So my dad is a
    poser? I think not… A Boxter is for people who want a fun summer car to
    drive to the golf course or to go see a movie…. You don’t need a Porsche
    911 GT2 to have fun… A Boxter is no less of a Porsche then a GT2… The
    GT2 is simply a Higher performance model… Which in turn makes it

  11. TuneWithStyle says:

    Is all of the work done legal? In an emissions standpoint? If so then I
    would love to do this to my 99 boxster. Its all stock that im aware of.

  12. Gary Hand says:

    This is a twin turbo boxster, I think it has some grunt.

  13. asdfadsfadsfadsfasdfa says:

    sounds fucking AWESOME! how much did it cost you do do this? do you think a
    stock boxster with a 2.7l would sound anywhere near as beastly?

  14. JeanAlesi90 says:

    your such a bloody idiot kcole. go jam your porsche and theories of
    supercars in your arse.

  15. Gary Hand says:

    @luek944 This is a 99 so there are only 2 cats stock. I have a muffler on
    the car now. But, since I added the twin turbos it is more muted than I
    would like. Saying that, I am working on doing a cutout in the exhaust I
    can control from inside.

  16. r3c0n729 says:

    wow sounds great, can u explain how u did it. did u just cut off the
    muffler and put a pipe where the muffler used to be then add a tip? explain
    please im about to get a porsche boxster 2000, and im pretty exited. reply
    back plz

  17. accordv6er says:

    this is the 2.7 and i think it’s stock too. just take off the mufflers and
    run it through glasspacks and it’ll sound like that if not better. and hey,
    plz watch your “eccentric” language, there are younger ppl on here as well
    as ppl like me who dont really enjoy seeing that stuff in the comments.
    thanks man. and good luck wiht that 2.7

  18. nielsboex says:

    @Jawsmoker For the same reason you hated it, ignorance. Fortunately, a lot
    of people realize their mistakes sooner or later and learn to appreciate
    the car for what it is.

  19. Straight badass!

  20. bboyrets says:

    awsome sound!! SHIT!

  21. LootCook says:

    PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!! I own a boxster 2.5L and want to do the same. Is
    this car and S?? Please explain everything you did to this car to make it
    sound like this. Thx

  22. NaSeRTKD says:


  23. andrewblair1 says:

    how do you work that out? with the price of a boxster you could have
    virtually all of the other so called top of the range shite on the market,
    subaru, ford, peugeout, mitsibishi, the list goes on? im sure your not
    driving a boxter or a 911…

  24. Charles says:

    Boxer (Not Boxster) type engines are usually lighter than conventional engines.
    They are also designed to give a lower center of gravity to the vehicle. They call them boxer engines because the pistons look like a boxer punching.

  25. rick29148 says:

    Look at the evidence: How many car companies use them ?? Two ?? If the design was better/faster/more efficient, everybody would have them. They have some oiling problems, they take up more horizontal space, the air intakes are larger/heavier because of the span, and the intakes suffer from heat soak, because they’re straddling the bulk of the engine block.