Boxster Burnout

Boxster Burnout

Boxster Burnout

Burnout before purchase of new tires.
Boxster burnout Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. 2012olympian2012 says:

    more than you can afford buddy

  2. thenickyB says:

    where is the traction control switch?

  3. xxTULANExx says:

    mine is a 2000 and i got it for $12,000 XD. and im 16 :D

  4. Matthew Jorgenson says:

    Are you getting new tires?

  5. john johnson says:

    @jcobaltss2005 it doesn’t matter how fast or loud your corvette will
    be…nothing with drop a girls panties faster than saying “I drive a
    porsche” :)

  6. yes he get cheng ching tires verycheap

  7. demonicBerith says:

    $10,000 for a super old ass one. The new Boxster S with upgrades can cost
    over $80,000 easily

  8. Gary Hand says:

    man thats a burnout

  9. Straight roads! Must be a bummer if you own a Boxster.

  10. Mastermind12358 says:

    new brakes too ?

  11. i wanna buy a 2001 or 2002 porsche boxter does any body know the price
    range??? how much was your porsche boxter in this video..??

  12. demonicBerith says:

    Old Boxsters are no where near expensive, but the new ones with a decent
    amount of upgrades when building your porsche on the website can easily end
    up costing over 80 grand. The Boxster S model that is.

  13. michael iversen says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO IS IT? i was saying that couse i love porsche and i got a
    red one like that

  14. Jonathan Robert says:


  15. GeLsEnKiRcHeN95 says:

    i havn’t put any videos up because i’m not going through a midlife crisis,
    and i wasnt trying to start an arguement, second my car has alot more
    torque than 215 ft-lb and im not going to waste my time burning rubber
    because i go through tires alot as it is…..

  16. Danny Green says:

    yea nigga i think you’re frying something


  18. djekowriterman says:

    you don’t love your Porsche…

  19. CurtisLT1 says:

    ther like ten grand lol not that expensive

  20. Nick Loko says:

    intake plenum… Most hp gain you’ll see with 1k

  21. g steiner says:

    strong car son

  22. averagejimmy says:

    lol so doing burnouts before getting new tyres is not limited to poor ass
    teenagers after all :P :P Good stuff, dont screw boxster up though!

  23. youmils03 says:

    Oh my god.

  24. 420Pranksta says:

    Yea it takes even more talent when you gotta just borrow your mom’s van to
    roll around…why don;t you post up some of your car vids you fucking tool

  25. 420Pranksta says:

    Yea, everyone who posts videos of their cars on youtube is going through a
    mid-life crisis. It seems you wouldn’t have shit to watch, or shit to hate
    on without them. Just go ahead and post up some vids of your ’93 mustang or
    whatever shit car you drive around in, so people can talk shit about it.
    New boxsters/caymens have a LOT more torque than that, and the newest put
    down ~325HP