BMW 335Ci manual vs Porsche Cayman S

Cayman S

BMW 335Ci manual vs Porsche Cayman S

BMW 335Ci manual vs Porsche Cayman S:…
Cayman S Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. Rober Akkeresteciyan says:

    the car sounds like m3 even from inside . Why would you race a convertible
    against coupe? Convertible weighs more obviously.

  2. m3 compi!! caiman no es suficiente ,asi ganamos todos

  3. that’s m3 !

  4. Leniec1500 says:

    @crestlinersuperhawk ale pierdolisz baranie, tak jak tek kretyn
    @mrcardio9r, tacy jak wy popierdalają pewnie 8-letnimi oplami za 500$. this
    way they are only writing very stupid people !

  5. Scott Martindell says:

    the new cayman is my favorite porsche that is moderately common. (carrera
    gt doesnt count hehe)

  6. promodelred says:

    @dEfENdEr998 You are obviously an idiot look at the mirrors, listen to the
    Inline 6, that is not an M3 halfwit. The first race is a 335i.

  7. Ginza Boutique says:

    M3 420hp vs Cayman S 320 and still win! : )

  8. Michael Esarey says:

    The exhaust gives it away. That’s definitely a V8. Sorry, it’s not a 335.
    Why would anyone think this is a 335 anyway?

  9. mrcardio9r says:

    @aintnopity Who recorded a 4.5 0-60 for the 09′ Cayman S? Well Car and
    Driver recorded 4.3secs. Other entities such as Road and Track, Motortrend
    have recorded 4.4-4.6sec. 1/4 mile times range from 12.8-12.9@109-111mph
    depending on the source.

  10. @WeiderYo hahaha yea i had watch it again to notice that.

  11. first thats an m3 V8 and seconds a 335i with a jb3 with smoke that caymn S
    by a lot,

  12. aintnopity says:

    @mrcardio9r that is what they say, but i do not believe this sir

  13. cornyschoko says:

    @elleryfamilia ever driven a porsche 4s? i dont think so… porsche 911
    carrera 4s: 0-100km/h = 4,5 sec. (4,3 sec. with sport+ pdk) (297km/h max.)
    1585kg porsche cayman s: 0-100km/h = 5,2 sec. (4,9 sec. with sport+ pdk)
    (277km/h max.) 1450kg. even a porsche 911 carrera is faster than a cayman
    s. so get your facts right. btw: there is a porsche called cayman R, its
    slower than a 911 carrera :D go do some reading *fail*

  14. Dzenan Jusovic says:

    this is NOT BMW 335Ci!! This is BMW M3 with more than 400 PS(HP)!!!!!!!

  15. M3…look at the four pipes and all the badges!! you want badges?…i give
    you badges!!!

  16. GathkaWarrior says:

    It wasnt the m3 racing, but they filmed an m3 after the race, so dont get
    it twisted people

  17. sugarsaint says:

    that’s looks like a M3 either way that’s a top performance by the little
    Cayman. Normally aspirated Flat 6 vs either a V8 or Twin turbo V6? crazy.

  18. in the dragrace it saounded like the 335 i6 ,and was a 335

  19. frankystylolino says:

    @IronChapter Hahahahah the TT is really gay, that’s my opinion too, i drive
    a Bmw M3 E92 and i can say, i would like to have a Porsche too, but maybe
    the GT3 or the RS-Version, but the Cayman looks good too ^^ Thumbs up for
    your comment!