300 km/h en Porsche 997 9ff (Option Auto)

911 Turbo S

300 km/h en Porsche 997 9ff (Option Auto)

300 km/h en Porsche 9ff (TCR 84) de 840 ch ! – Option Auto n°161 -
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911 Turbo S question by MRLOVE: what is the problems of Porsche 911 Turbo 2005 &2006?
actually im thinking to buy Porsche 911 Turbo 2006 and i would like to know the problem of this car and what is the different between 2006 &2007… and is it going to be change in 2008?

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Answer by Paul S
There are not any specific issues I’ve heard of on the 996 Turbos (which were made up until 2005), or the 997 (introduced in 2006). The 997 has some styling differences, though the main differences are under the skin: the 997 is an evolution of the earlier car, featuring many small improvements, that ultimately add up to making a much better all around car (and the 996 Turbo was a pretty good car to start off).

As for the 2008? There will most likely be some changes to standard features and maybe some other small upgrades. Though exactly what won’t be known for sure until Porsche announces the details or makes the car available.

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