2015 Subaru WRX STI vs. 2014 Porsche Cayman | STANDING MILE

Cayman Vs Brz

2015 Subaru WRX STI vs. 2014 Porsche Cayman | STANDING MILE

We pit a 2015 Subaru WRX STI and a 2014 Porsche Cayman against each other in the closest Automobile Magazine’s Standing Mile yet! Which car is quicker?
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  1. I always wonder why the cars sounded like a jet blowing by in this video
    rather than classic exhaust sounds. That can’t be the sound of the turbos
    can it?

  2. Daniel Maia says:

    LOL The Subaru finished at the same time and that’s the 2.7 base Cayman,
    the Cayman S would kill it

  3. classiccarz says:

    Useless test. I like Subaru and have driven the new STI, but it ain’t no
    Porsche. The Cayman is all about cornering and is waaaaay more balanced
    than the STI, but it isn’t the straight line performing Porsche, the 911
    is. Any recent Porsche 911 Turbo would leave this STI in the dust at a

  4. Automobile Magazine says:
  5. The new STI is so tame looking. No flared fenders, aggressive front bumper,
    or stance. Just looks like they slapped the wing on a WRX and that’s it.

  6. RayzaBlayz says:

    proof not to waste 53k on a base cayman

  7. Everyone is complaining how this sis stupid but i believe that the whole
    point of this is just to show that for 99% of us who just drive on the
    freeway and like to feel a bit of adrenaline subaru is faster you don’t
    need to spend 70K to have an exhillarating ride.

  8. terrible 1/4 mile times. find some better drivers for your videos

  9. Adam Maciejewski says:

    haha this was hilarious. That Subaru sure ran out of steam. 

  10. Michael Zubritsky says:

    And this is why you shouldnt waste your money on Porsche, aka “D bag

  11. Steven Amador says:

    Fuck yeah! Fuck you rich people. Subie wins. Jdm!

  12. More of these type drag races :D 

  13. This is simply drag racing when both of these cars were designed to corner.
    If you want to consider drag racing, the AWD of the subaru will win you
    most any races. The aerodynamics and awd drag is what is slowing down the
    Subaru at higher speeds.

    Subaru won this soundly. Even if you gave the Porsche an extra 30k and the
    Subaru the 30k difference in price for mods, the Subaru will trounce the
    Porsche. I’d rather see them do a track with turns for comparison.

  14. Paco Inurreta says:

    Id take the Porsche even if it lost by over 3 cars or more, even knowing
    that this wasnt the S or R, which would destroy the Subaru.

    And as somebody else said in the comments “if its about the looks you dont
    deserve a Subaru” well not like I even wanted to deserve one :P 

  15. Ted Roberts says:

    I like the whistle of the cars go by.

  16. Narrow Lanes says:

    Any Subaru fans? WRX STi vs Porsche Cayman – Standing Mile. 

  17. 初音英玲奈 says:


  18. troymontague says:

    Cracks me up to read all the comments. Subaru’s highest performance model
    vs. Porsche’s base model Cayman… Not apples to apples comparison.