2014 Porsche Panamera Turbo: Supercar and Daily Driver in One

Panamera Turbo Executive

2014 Porsche Panamera Turbo: Supercar and Daily Driver in One

The Smoking Tire goes to the woods outside Portland, OR to check out the improvements on Porsche’s super-sedan. Note: This is a sponsored video.
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  1. Reefari says:

    It would be twice the price in Australia!! Cheap in US!! Half your luck,
    Cheers Greg

  2. D. Brown says:
  3. Leo Fikremariam says:

    I can’t believe Porsche charges extra for a rear wiper -_____-

  4. FIFAracer says:

    If i would buy a hybrid, I would be ashamed, if someone notice that! 

  5. Thomas Ferrugia says:

    This car is an engineering triumph. It probably has the most thoroughly
    sorted chassis of any sedan available today. It’s just a shame that it
    looks like a deformed prehistoric insect. It’s odd hunchback profile is
    ungainly from 75% of the car’s angles. Hopefully Porsche will get it
    right next time. 

  6. john hunter says:

    did he mean that the pdk breaks after 3000 launch controls ?

  7. Nihsel101 says:

    Cayenne over this. 

  8. Sukun Paul says:

    dat rolex tho

  9. josh786manchester says:

    Guy talks toooo much!!!!

  10. Masterlostfreaky says:

    people, the panamera and cayenne aint gonna go away. This is how porsche
    makes money, some rich women wanna have a big fucking car when they go to
    their local farmers market and buy their ultra-natural-organic foods…..
    but it gives porsche money to build more cars….
    If porsch just built the 911 and cayman/boxter, theyd end up like aston
    martin, who has to buy more and more parts from other bigger manufacturers

  11. MrKeyboardCommando says:

    I always wondered what a fat person kept in their fridge.

  12. TacoSeniour says:

    Panamera GTS for me. I’d then supercharge it…

  13. brian hilligoss says:

    Do something about the ass end.

  14. ReticentIndignation says:

    Love it!

  15. Stipe Pokrajcic says:

    The sound it makes and the way it looks just don’t mix together… 

  16. Patrick94GSR says:

    Haha my mom’s Camry V6 XLE 6-speed auto has the manual mode shifter pushing
    forward to shift up. I always thought it was backwards.

    Oh and normal brakes are cast iron, not steel. :-) 

  17. I really enjoy your channel and your work.

    +TheSmokingTire This or the 911 C4S for daily driving? I figure you can get
    them for about the same price used. New is not an option for me until later
    on in my 30′s and 40′s.

    RIght now I have a COBB tuned ’13 WRX STI sedan (400+bhp) with
    redone/upholstered interior (because it was crap quality). It is set up
    more for handling and better feel than raw power. I am keeping that forever
    as of now, but gives you an idea of what I like. Two awesome daily drivers
    is better to me than a crap winter beater and a supercar. lol

    Cheers! Looking forward to more episodes.

  18. Zeiss120 says:

    I thought I was watching /Drive….

  19. Rusty White says:

    This is not a very good run down for this car! Try again dipshit.

  20. sweet dreams says:

    going off country will cost us the same price as that beautiful mint Rolex
    watch :D 

  21. steel .cityshirts says:

    2 packs of margarine, 2 onions, mouldy broccoli, jam, mayo, tom sauce, half
    a bottle of milk, lamb hearts, 6 eggs, garlic mayo.