2014 Porsche 918 Spyder – Onboard complete record lap on the Nürburgring

918 Spyder Weissach Package

2014 Porsche 918 Spyder – Onboard complete record lap on the Nürburgring

As the first vehicle to boast global road homologation, the Porsche 918 Spyder has conquered the 20.6-kilometre lap around the Nürburgring Nordschleife in le…
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918 Spyder Weissach package question by Matt: Which car would be the best?
So, this is just a hypothetical, lets say that I had unlimited money to spend on a car. Which production car would be the best performing, still street legal in the us, aesthetically pleasing, and with very good handling, that could be turned into an amazing race car

918 Spyder Weissach package best answer:

Answer by ♛ Nicolas ♛
well you have many different options. do you want best stock performance or do you want amazing race tuning capability?
also how much do you value looks over performance.

personally, I think the best cars are right now would be the Porsche 918 Spyder, Mclaren P1 or Ferrari LaFerrari. These are the latest in performance technology. personally I think that the 918 has the best race tuning potential. This is because of its four wheel drive and 4 wheel steering. it also has a factory optional upgrade called the weissach package which lowers the weight of the car substantially. there are also magnesium wheels which lower weight (especially unsprung weight) and rotational inertia which makes the car more responsive to driver inputs which is crucial for racecar driving.
the 3 cars ive listed all look great and are street legal in the US. they have very similar performance so ultimately it’s your pick. sheer power from the ferrari, amazing aerodynamics and low weight with the mclaren or better control and race tuning capacity from the porsche. also, you can get the Porsche in racecar liveries to make it look the part too.
as of now, the 918 is among the best performing cars on earth. it did a sub 7 minute nurburgring time. (the mclaren also did a sub 7 minute time but they won’t publish the official time yet. i suspect they may be waiting for ferrari to publish their time.

now unfortunately i think all the cars have already been sold but i guess if you had unlimited funds you could “convince” Porsche to make you one. i bet you could even get them to make a faster one for you. the 918 doesn’t have have turbos which could be an area for improvement.
oh and best of all, since it’s a hybrid you have settings for either extreme speed (use the instant torque of the electric motors to go fast), or extreme economy. the 918 in eco mode gets better fuel economy than a Toyota Prius. in electric mode it can drive for around 20 miles.
This is the 1 car in the world right now that proves that you can have brutal performance and still be good to the environment.

you can check out the reviews from Top Gear and Jay Leno here.


there are many other videos out there of the 918 but my favorite clip is at around the 21:18 section of the Jay Leno video I’ve linked when he does a full race mode acceleration which uses the gas engine and 3 electric motors at their maximum to rocket you away.

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  1. the porsche 956 holds the record

  2. Marcos Figueroa says:

    what did he do at 7:16 ? did he deactivated traction control or something
    for full top speed or something?

  3. NUCK CHORRIS says:

    An HP4 can lap it in 6.35 its unofficial but ive seen it. ive seen cross
    plane big R1s doing under 6.50 but the fastest official recorded bike is a
    2008 R1 with an early 7min.. seriously WTF is with the GTR fanboys a stock
    2008 R1 with road tires and a good rider can hang with these hybrid
    hypercars but they think a 575bhp GTR can smoke anything. These cars are
    real fast they still have torque during gear changes so they shift as fast
    or faster than a bike.
    Im still unsure if Clarkson will be called Jennifer though coz that P1 has
    been developed on the Topgear track but the Porkers faster round the ring
    coz thats its homeground. Every cloud a silver lining 

  4. dansterwerecool says:

    and this car does 45 mpg. this car is boss

  5. J Vince says:

    zonda r hold the record for 6:47

  6. Flyingtom80 says:

    This is truly fast car! Think about it. Road legal, full interior, all high
    tech shit in and 1700kg…..its just insane!

  7. Electric Cars says:

    2014 Porsche 918 Spyder – Onboard complete record lap on the Nürburgring

  8. BitchIAintStupid says:

    so the pagani zonda r still has the record

  9. xflynskywlkr23 says:

    Mclaren just recently set a time, under 7 minutes according to them so i
    suspect it is faster than this 918. As far as Ferrari, i know they test at
    the ring, but i don’t think they attempt hot laps as there are no records
    of them doing so.

  10. AESCULAPTORmark3 says:

    This cars body shape reminds me of the Ferrari F430.
    Doesn’t this car store energy from breaking and transfer it to the
    battery? It would have been better if it was like the KERS system in
    Formula-1. A boost button would be cool.

  11. Porsche 918 Spyder has shown its value at Nürburgring with a laptime of 6:57.
    Therefore is the most balanced and developed among hybrid hypercar. P1 and
    La Ferrari are great cars, but they have to prove at Nürburgring what are
    made of. Till then Porsche 918 Spyder remains at the top of the “hybrid
    hypercars” food chain. ;-) 

  12. technics6 says:

    Can’t believe that 1700kg car can do that below 7:00. Amazing…

    I feel Ferrari is so behind now…

  13. Elizabeth Boldt says:

    Rumor has it McLaren P1 beat it’s own Nurburgring record…and the video
    has yet to be uploaded on YouTube…however…my search did remind me of
    how sexy my all time favorite car is ;) 

  14. MisterFuturtastic says:

    Does anyone know of a video on youtube that shows how this thing works –
    internal design illustrations etc?

  15. Marcos Figueroa says:

    i’m glad to see Porsche back again destroying everyone

  16. Phil Lam says:

    When everyone was saying Porsche had the most everyday usage but was the
    slowest of the 918, p1 laferrari bunch, Porsche laid down the gauntlet.
    Ferrari and McLaren spend weeks working at the nurburgring and left without
    a time, nor video. Thumbs up for Porsche. 

  17. SomeYoungGuy Johnson says:

    Seems pretty understeery to me

  18. Jonathan Mccrae says:

    To my untrained eye it looks like the car suffers from understeer on part
    throttle after most apexes.

    A truly awesome lap though!

  19. Roynelle Morris says:

    Yarns it’s nice but boring I wait for the C7 ZR1 

  20. ConfortinDEADHORSE says:

    What kind of tyres?? Slicks or grooved ones? That seems a far good amount
    of grip for a road car.

  21. trace late says:

    can i just say its only 5 seconds faster than the nismo gtr thats 10 times
    cheaper :S

  22. ford4000steyrt84 says:

    Pangani Zonda R??? six minutes and 47seconds???….