2013 Porsche Cayman S Thrashed – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

Cayman S

2013 Porsche Cayman S Thrashed – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

Chris Harris reviews the new 2013 Porsche Cayman S in Portugal.
Cayman S Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. n0hav0cyet says:

    No shit: My uncle is actually getting me a ’14 Cayman as a gift (and my
    first car), so I’m pretty much gonna have to expect people to talk shit
    about me being “spoiled” or “pathetic” simply for eventually owning a
    Porsche. People need to realize it’s still a reliable and reasonably
    priced (and exhilarating) sports car. You’re getting more than what you
    pay for with the Cayman, if you think about it.

  2. This chassis is just plain amazing… If Porsche ever sees fit to give it
    more power, it’ll be truly epic. As it is I’d still choose one, if I were
    looking to buy a car like this, over anything else. Doesn’t hurt that it’s

  3. Alexander Young says:

    This is my dream car, ever since I first saw it I’ve wanted it. Plus it is
    within the boundaries of being affordable. The thing is, the base price is
    certainly very reasonable for a sports car and especially a Porsche, but
    things start to go downhill as soon as you start adding in any extras.
    Pretty soon you rack up another 10-20k on things like paint, interior,
    seatbelts, PDK, suspension, parking sensors, cruise control etc. Its also
    the little things that get you, like $200 for having the Porsche symbol on
    the wheels in colour, or $2000 for having the dials in the colour of your
    car. It’s still reasonable, but less affordable. Then there’s the slight
    issue of the fact that in Australia there’s pretty much at least a 100%
    surcharge on all luxury cars. “Oh wow, look at that Cayman S! Only 60k!
    Oh, lol, jks, its Australia, more like 120k…”

  4. Qussay Dhafar says:

    In 2 months or so ill get mine :D 

  5. Brandon Yang says:

    +Andy King, i really really want one now..

    +Porsche #cayman 

  6. Olivier Veldkamp says:
  7. Bill Gwaltney says:

    Another great review of the new Cayman.

  8. Jim Griffin says:

    Tons of fun! 

  9. Max Luong says:

    Worth watching for the slow motion power slide on three wheels…

    I *so* want this car…

  10. Carl Freeman says:

    Brilliant Porsche, wish I had the money. 

  11. Lawrence German says:

    Chris Harris Sliding His Way Around A Track Again!!!

  12. Thomas Williams says:

    Vroom vroom!!! Another one on my “short list”. :) 

  13. Abe Rahey says:

    Last week’s *Chris Harris* awesomeness. (Yes, I’m a few days late.)

    The all new *2013 **+Porsche** Cayman S* (981). Good stuff. Seriously, good
    stuff. I love the way it looks, so much more than the outgoing Cayman (987).

    #ChrisHarris #Porsche #Cayman #SaveTheHoonigans #IWannaGoFast 

  14. Christopher Rourke says:

    This car is so beautiful! Not overkeen on the colour of the seatbelts
    though… :) 

  15. dark2520 says:

    Eh I’m debating if I wanna buy one of these 

  16. Ibra Mustang says:

    @2:10 that’s a HUGE PORSCHE FAIL with the foggy lights

  17. Abram Koucheki says:

    The day i own a Cayman S will be the happiest day of my life