2013 Porsche Boxster: Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2013

Boxster Motor

2013 Porsche Boxster: Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2013

Subscribe for the latest MotorAuthority.com videos: http://bit.ly/XDXWcc The 2013 Porsche Boxster is simply one of the most fun-to-drive cars we’ve been in this year. Beautiful, comfortable,…
Boxster motor Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Geoffrey Hunter says:

    have made a joke.I am 66 and a standard boxter will do THANKS….takes me
    ages to get out its so low….mine is a 2014 alloy model so its scares me
    to death on fast corners…..can I get a hard top???? 

  2. Now THAT is definitely a woman’s sports car. 

  3. Geoffrey Hunter says:

    have a thought faggot .not all of us can afford a 911….

  4. Geoffrey Hunter says:

    have YOU got a porsche????or do you still drive a NISSAN….

  5. Red Brake callipers are standard not an extra ;-) yellow ceramics are

  6. david dykeman says:

    It is a great looking car. I like the looks much better than my 09 S.

  7. Good review. The thing I would suggest is that you eliminate the canned
    still shots and do an active camera view to replace them. Awesome car and I
    know you had a good time reviewing it.

  8. No comment

  9. Alneil Mc.Leod says:


  10. Joe Rizza Porsche says:

    What’s the best car to buy of 2013? How about the Porsche Boxter!!

  11. sevenseasvoyager says:

    Yes it is GT silver

  12. Do want.

  13. DaytonCarCare says:

    Maybe a logo he couldn’t show on the video and didn’t bring another shirt.

  14. Kenrick Chang says:

    There are two silver paints: Rhodium Silver Metallic or GT Silver Metallic.
    To answer his question, it looks like the less expensive Silver in this

  15. i think he means “GT silver”. i believe its a color option..

  16. Ben Gagné says:

    Looks to be either the GT metallic silver or the platinum silver. We have
    samples of both in the show room and honestly I cant distinguish them. But
    I can say it isn’t anything else only those 2 are that light in color.