2013 Porsche 911 (991) C2S Black on Black with Exclusive Powerkit 430hp

911 50th Anniversary Edition

2013 Porsche 911 (991) C2S Black on Black with Exclusive Powerkit 430hp

A Walk around of our 2013 Porsche 991 C2S with the Exclusive Powerkit with Lawrence Romanosky from Porsche Centre Calgary. This is one seriously cool car! Al…
911 50th Anniversary Edition Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Allan Perret says:

    Should have made the seat belts yellow also..

  2. yomofoindahouse says:

    хуй встал пока смотрел,

  3. Gerald Paine says:

    With such a unique collection of options on the Black Edition.(and it is
    unique.!!)..why would you NOT order this with the manual.transmission..!?

  4. Dominik MJ says:

    Didn’t knew, that you could get original Porsche clear tail lights! Looks
    really cool.
    But the yellow gauges? Argh…pretty ugly!

  5. Phantom666 says:

    why didnt you order the sport steering when you have added that many
    options. What waste to not have those paddle shifters.

  6. Amar Cheema says:

    Nice videos, where are you Aston Martin videos? Any chance of posted them
    in HD?

  7. So, the oil cooler look COOL and the car feels more urgent…LOL

  8. Or, for about 5000$ more, you could get the turbo…….. =/ :P

  9. Lawrence R says:

    There are 2 boxsters in the showroom, the one in the middle is Anthracite
    Brown with an Espresso interior… I will upload another video shortly
    showing the colours… thx

  10. Stanley Chan says:

    you can customize it into your 911 from the website!

  11. interesting, very insightful video.

  12. MagicAyrtonforever says:

    New GT3 is PDK only though.

  13. Jeremy Parr says:

    who supplied clear taillights please??

  14. Lawrence R says:

    For 2013 there is no Turbo, whichis one of the reasons that I ordered this
    with such high spec. But while the Turbo has another 100hp, this car is
    more fun. The rear moves around under accelleration which is cool. The 4wd
    cars are so planted they just dig in and go. It’s fun to break traction and
    get the car all squirlly. This car sounds better too.

  15. theantiredneck says:

    $15,000.00 for 30hp? If you were to consider this option you can afford to
    just get the turbo!

  16. is the cayman at 0:08 agate grey ?

  17. I always wondered who is ordering these powerkits when you could just get a
    GT3 but you make a great case Lawrence about everyday usability, more oomph
    without sacrificing the utility of using the car all the time which
    Porsches are famous for.

  18. mainlymusicman says:

    great car. only thing, for the price of this car (or probably less) you
    could get a gt3. which is much faster and undoubtedly much better. as well,
    reviews are saying how livable the gt3 would be normal street conditions as
    the ride has been much improved from the previous gt3.

  19. Lawrence R says:

    That is the one I would take home!