2010 LA AutoShow – Cayman R , Audi Quattro, Land Rover Evoque

Cayman Dyno

2010 LA AutoShow – Cayman R , Audi Quattro, Land Rover Evoque

Dyno testing the new Boss Mustang, checking out the Laguna Seca, Porsche Cayman R reveal, Audi Quattro concept, and the new Land Rover Evoque. Hosted by Dere…
Cayman dyno Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. juan escobar says:

    @layahma @layahma Derek seems to think he’s 5’7. Maybe if he’s standing on
    a 3 ft tall box. He reminds me of Erick the Midget, but not as funny

  2. Johnny B says:

    Why is that Mustang FWD??!!

  3. kgbtechno says:

    Thought about it, and Nope!! Comparing Fast Lane Daily’s host to Top Gear’s
    host is like comparing San Hose State to the New England Patriots. FLD is
    it’s own little monster geared to the younger male crowd. Super old people
    like me don’t want to see young punks who will never own the cars they are
    reviewing, telling me how cool they are. BTW -Totally kidding! FLD ROCKS
    and ROLLS-preferably the Mitsubishi kind.

  4. nickyzelano says:

    @ttiffom2016 try top gear :)

  5. sourp0pcorn says:

    JF what steady cam do you use?

  6. Alec Pitt says:

    @cstrikeplaya na, theyre not bomb… theyre SLAMMIN!

  7. Patrick Rollins says:

    @peatkitt i never said i would… and like he said, its old school… u get
    it if ur an old guy with a lot of money who loved the old speedster

  8. SwindleCon says:

    @korydak1lla really? woah i guess i must have skipped over that part on

  9. acpg100 says:

    11:48 wow “that’s a lot of black….not since Shaq have we seen that much

  10. blackmag17 says:

    I thought Bob goes to the auto show. Where’s Bob

  11. Qnickel27 says:

    Hell I don’t care what Audi calls it, they could call it something
    completely ridiculous like the MP4-12C… O wait, Audi Just make the
    Quattro, er… R4, er… whatever it will be called!

  12. countach27 says:

    I don’t have any epic phrases at my disposal, but I just want to say that I
    liked this episode a lot.

  13. @LuckyDT Who wants a DD without a rear seat? Honestly faster cars can be
    had for not that much more, and they don’t have a giant ass splitter on the
    front which looks ridiculous. Oh, and it’s not a veyron, two keys for
    different shitty factory tunes is retarded.

  14. ttiffom2016 says:

    @nickyzelano got all of their eposides either on my DVR or pc hard drive :-P