2008 Porsche Cayman S from the New York Auto Show

Porsche Cayman S Black Edition

2008 Porsche Cayman S from the New York Auto Show

Join us at the New York International Auto Show as we get an up close look at the 2008 Porsche Cayman S PD Edition 1. For more behind the scenes videos check…
Porsche Cayman s black edition Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. emperor113 says:

    No it hell isn’t. BMW cannot make use it everyday user friendly supercars.
    Porsche is way better.

  2. LUSToverLOVE says:

    …and where do you live??

  3. tucifruci says:

    he shit! :D

  4. glubglub7 says:

    i lived in Europe before for years and i’ve driven all of those

  5. Milanarco cimino says:

    lol nrm people like u and me….yeah right

  6. Don Moore says:

    What the fuck is this bitch so happy about? Stop smiling so hard

  7. Phantomebb says:

    He said within reach. I don’t know what the average income level of where
    you live is but where I live any person with a decent paying job could save
    up and buy a 50k car.

  8. After British English and American English, Germany now proudly presents:
    Swabian English (Schwäbisches Englisch) – I call it Swenglish ;D

  9. @ndyt You don’t buy a car to look at the motor…you buy a car to drive it.
    They make an aftermarket clear engine cover if it is that important to look
    at a motor.

  10. In the end he said normal people like u and me I dont think he is that
    normal he must get a large pay check

  11. JBSX36072 says:

    About $80,000. The stripes are part of the porsche design edition cayman s.

  12. hehe

  13. cayman/boxter = garbage. Porsche owners love to look at such a engine! but
    in the cayman you cant! 911 is the way to go…

  14. Marc Auston says:

    Porsch is bad though.

  15. marquitos024 says:


  16. I just love Porsche <3333

  17. Claas6210 says:

    very nice!