0-313 km/h : Porsche 911 991 Carrera S PDK (Motorsport)

911 Carrera

0-313 km/h : Porsche 911 991 Carrera S PDK (Motorsport)

Embarquez pour un 0 à 313 km/h dans la nouvelle Porsche 911 Carrera S équipée de la boîte PDK. Moteur : 6 en ligne Cylindrée : 3800 cm3 Puissance : 400 ch Po…
911 Carrera Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. MrTrololo says:


  2. MrRangerZr1 says:

    the camera man is giving me a headache lol

  3. Marco Tavella says:

    Most fanboys are, I think…

  4. ReventadorLP1500-2 says:

    pretty sure it’d outperform an Audi R8 4.2 V8 in straight line.

  5. Vane Ajta says:

    But what about the Lambo V12 Which has 6.5 Liter 700 HP? It has a Audi
    engine. + Audi owns Lamborghini. But Volkswagen owns both! I still say the
    ZR1 Is really fast. but.. not my friend. America’s car engineering isn’t
    the best. German is….

  6. Adeum Deus says:

    Yes, it does. You’re comparing the BASE BASE BASE Mustang to the top line 3
    series? Yeah…that’s intelligent… Here’s a better comparison… BMW M3
    is $60,000 base price. So we can compare it to the best handling mustang so
    far, the Boss 302…or we can even compare it to the GT500. M3, like you
    said, has 414 horses. Boss 302 has 444 horses GT500 has 662 horses skidpad
    numbers M3: .94g Boss 302: .98g GT500: .98g 60-0mph BMW: 104ft Boss 302:
    108ft GT500: 101ft

  7. D3sTiNy6666 says:

    damn the more porsche reviews and videos i see, the more i become a porsche
    fan! the new 911 seems to be a masterpiece! and the new cayman seems to be
    a almost perfect car (in its range) too.. too sad i cant afford either :D

  8. Jonathan Ciaccio says:

    I feel bad for your clutch :(

  9. MrKaiserPL says:

    autogear? shame!

  10. qwertyyo1 says:

    I hate GTR fucking fanboys because they don’t have any fucking respect for
    other car brands.

  11. KeepStudying777 says:

    Because of aerodynamic drag. Maximum velocity (top speed) is not the same
    thing as acceleration. Maximum velocity is Aerodynamic Drag vs. Power.
    Weight has nothing to do with top speed, but does have an effect on
    acceleration, especially at lower speeds before aerodynamic drag becomes a
    factor. The Porsche has a lower Cd (Drag coefficient) then big V8 cars like
    a Mustang or Camaro, so it requires less power to reach it’s maximum

  12. iamphil84 says:

    Anyone know where this was shot?

  13. eselmundoO says:

    Ooooh my good

  14. qwertyyo1 says:

    Damn GTR fanboys…. Why don’t you just die?