► 2014 Porsche Panamera Turbo Executive (Long Wheelbase)

Panamera Turbo S Executive

► 2014 Porsche Panamera Turbo Executive (Long Wheelbase)

Long wheelbase, spacious rear seating area: Executive models with the comfort of the exclusive class The spatial concept of the Panamera with two full-fledged bucket seats in the rear seating…
Panamera Turbo S Executive Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  2. TekReview's says:

    Actually Porsche is selling this in two models, one is executive and the
    other normal.

  3. smallfaucet says:

    haha, the L looks even stranger than the regular base model

  4. WolverineNerd says:

    I like the scenery . The car on the other hand……..

  5. Kamil Rumiński says:

    Ugly as hell

  6. szuhao kao says:

    So even on this model, you don’t get all the buttons on the center console?

  7. TekReview's says:

    Actually MOST of the car is ORIGINAL! The back end styling most people
    hated, so they hacked it off, now it’s Baby Got Back!

  8. sapurvis says:

    This would be my limo.

  9. Fil056OrbBottom says:


  10. Fahad Yousef says:

    ugly rear

  11. full full says:

    encore plus longue svp ….

  12. BergmannDollo says:

    and porsche joins luxury saloon competition…

  13. long wheelbase ruined the looks …

  14. Niels Vr. says:

    The rear Looks like a reanault

  15. jonny5777 says:

    what are the Germans playing at?! they’ve made it uglier!!!!