RCZ Vs Downhill

Peugeot RCZ

RCZ Vs Downhill

Una sfida unica, emozioni estreme: i due campioni Paolo Andreucci e Lorenzo Suding hanno accettato la sfida. E tu che aspetti? http://rcz.peugeot.com/#!/home/
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Peugeot RCZ question by Bradley: Peugeot RCZ vs Ford Mustang GT?
Hi, please help me decide which car to buy. Both of these cars have almost the same price. I really like the looks and the appeal both of the cars give. Both of these cars are just eye catchers! I also know that mustang is in another league in terms of speed, however, i don’t think that i can use all the power that the mustang offers because here in my country, there are not a lot of places in which i can drive really fast and i also have to follow the speed limits. I actually test drove a Mustang GT the other week and i really really liked it. But the Peugeot RCZ really just looks so good from any angle!

So for now, my top priority would be the looks, then speed and performance comes next.

Thanks in advance! and help me decide :) )

Peugeot RCZ best answer:

Answer by Scorpio
if i had to pick between the two i would pick the ford mustang gt. you will get more people looking at that car then the peugeot. with the mustang you don’t need to use all the power of the mustang it will sound good no mater the speed you drive at.

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