Peugeot Expert Tepee review

Peugeot Expert

Peugeot Expert Tepee review

Based on the Peugeot Expert commercial van, the Expert Tepee may not be the best looking MPV on the road. It is however, extremely practical, with huge amoun…
Peugeot Expert Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. rafspitfire says:

    This is the best review! I have ever seen from irish batman but he forgot
    his suit and the cape! 

  2. Jonas Karlsson says:

    He’s funny and different. 

  3. Winston Wolf says:

    tragic review by this guy.. he shut review washmachines rather cars..
    change him please!

  4. john paul guinness says:

    I think he is smoking wacky backy

  5. ProbablyAman says:

    This is ridiculous. You should get someone else to do the review. I miss
    the old guy. Fun, good looking and not too heavy accent. I know this guy is
    new. But he just doesn’t fit this job. Sorry.

  6. slaiman37 says:

    This guy is awful….he’s reviewed quite abit of cars and he hasn’t learned
    anything about reviewing a car..he sounds terrible…no enthusiasm..too
    stiff and worst of all..its as if he’s not enjoying the job :(

  7. tellyblob says:

    Stop whispering! Also they had to go and get the most miserable as sin

  8. cristescuionian7 says:

    Why is he whispering? Is there a kid sleeping, somewhere under the seats?
    MOTORTORQUE, please, send someone else to do these presentations.

  9. toiletbowlpoop says:

    Good God, he sounds like Harry Enfield impersonating Jeremy Clarkson.

  10. Alex Belmez says:

    why is he whispering? sounds like his talking to himself

  11. Lawrence Lo says:

    “Just waiting for a mate”

  12. xanderxenius says:

    Are you blind?. The layout is car like, wtf can’t see one single thing
    being car like except from the steering wheel… Btw. Did you get a ashtray
    stuck in your thought you speak even more weird in this review than normal

  13. froilan james miguel says:

    the way he speaks reminds me of yoda.

  14. mengomichael says:

    Why is he whispering. His accent is difficult to understand

  15. Whispers lol. “You got your nav” lmao