Yamaha R1 vs Mercedes SL63 AMG at 300km/h

SL63 AMG Roadster

Yamaha R1 vs Mercedes SL63 AMG at 300km/h

Mercedes SL63 AMG vs Yamaha R1 YAMAHA GANG ON THE STREET http://bp4you.blogspot.com/2013/11/crazy-gang-on-street.html The full clip, in HD ….. watching thi…
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  1. BiodegradeableMan says:

    The super fast cars today will leave bikes like an R1 once they are moving
    for sure. Even standing starts don’t give the bike too much of a lead and
    that’s soon gets eaten up.

  2. johny utah says:

    superbike performance hasn’t really changed in the last 15yrs. All jap
    bikes are restricted to 186mph (300kmh), some of the Italian bikes will do
    close to 195mph. There`s really a limit to what kind of power you can
    squeeze out of 1000cc.

  3. Piranhabites says:

    I think this is a FAKE !

  4. Brian Schmickman says:

    *Poor Asians, Giant Germans*

  5. Curt Shaw says:

    I gotta be honest, I never make comments like this, but, I got NO respect
    for this kind of shit. I have an R1 and I ride it fast, and I also have a
    pretty fast Mercedes so I like fast shit. But in traffic like this and on
    roads like that? Nah. Take that shit out on an open freeway or somethin.
    Making a cool video isnt worth killing somebody. 

  6. R0SS0N3RI says:


  7. Vladimir Arnoldson says:

    просто унизил молча

  8. Robert carew says:

    Love a good race between a car and a bike…..lol

  9. Fake and gay, only 299 km/h

  10. SYLDD Washington says:

    Love it….. going, going, gone…… AMG = BEAST

  11. Physico Dave says:

    dam limiters:(

  12. Sergei Gurov says:

    A couple of crazies

  13. Reginaldo Martins says:

    WOW! Hats of to the AMG driver, R1 rider must be pissed but what else ya
    want man 300km/h is insane speed on bikes. :3 

  14. thecar1888 says:

    That my friends is not an 63 amg its a SL 65 amg black i think

  15. wtf, not even 300km/h, change the title

  16. jrm0695 says:

    AMG tuned : ~360kmh
    R1 : 320 kmh …. 

  17. alex watson says:

    Straight line driver. What’s so hard in planting your foot , err nothing
    car drivers. Get on a track then it’s bye bye AMG easily. 

  18. Murat Canbolat says:

    fake ! impossible 300 km/h on this way,and 139 people are bmw drivers :) 

  19. prelate7 says:

    How much Mercedes and R1 cost? Let’s put it into perspective shall we?

  20. dilaila181 says: