Review: 2012 Mercedes-Benz C300 4MATIC

C300 4MATIC Luxury

Review: 2012 Mercedes-Benz C300 4MATIC

This time I review the 2012 Mercedes-Benz C300 4MATIC. Many thanks to Ryan and Caleb for filming the exterior shots! What do you think about the looks and th…
C300 4MATIC Luxury Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Ryan Southard says:

    Great review: Thorough without being overly geeky, just the right length,
    covered everything I cared about quickly and intelligently. Thanks.

  2. Luke Hoisington says:

    I have the sport version of this car I love it 

  3. Akram Ghaleb says:

    Thanks for the review, appreciated. While “nice” is OK to describe one or
    two things about a car, but it’s not very informative when used to describe
    interior, steering, exterior, ride ….etc.just my two cents …

  4. Fehzan Vayani says:

    Do a Porsche Boxster review!

  5. Nice

  6. Matthew Stufft says:

    Love the Pittsburgh shots!! 

  7. TryHardNinja5 says:

    You should have tested out the c300 sport edition instead of the luxury

  8. behemothinferno says:

    Nice review! I own this car and for some reason there are two things I
    absolutely hate about it. First of all, I think the suspension is extremely
    stiff. Going over small humps creates a lot of discomfort and the car is
    just really bumpy on badly paved roads. Mine has the 17 inch rims but I
    also own an S class with 20 inch AMG rims but the ride is so much better on
    the s class so I cant say the wheels are the culprit. Another major
    annoyance is the throttle lag. Why would such a car even have a delayed
    response to gas pedal input at all times? It’s not a turbocharged engine so
    it seems totally unacceptable to have such a thing in a 2012 C class. Other
    than that, the car is a joy to drive in bad weather and on twisty mountain
    roads. Could you please give me your opinion on that?

  9. One more proof that the most unsophisticated cars are going to
    America..,how its possible to see Mercedes with basic lights,when here in
    Europe even the basic model has projector beam light with LED stripe

  10. Stacy Evans says:

    I find the controls on the door better, for example, when my wife is
    driving, she moves the seat high and forward, but i need it back and down.
    it’s great to be able to adjust the seat to what you want without cramming
    myself into a small space, or crouching down next to the car before getting
    in, and with the memory of where you have your seat adjusted, it’s even
    better. i can adjust it to where i need without even bending over. 

  11. Judging from the transponder on the windshield, and the key hanging on the
    side of the center console, it must be a Zipcar.

  12. Carspotter Matt says:

    Just one question, how do you mount the cameras in the car? lol

  13. Shane Earley says:

    excellent video but dent at 1:09 on the wheel arch.door

  14. Nice review mate! It gives a really good impression of the car!

  15. Andrey Purtov says:

    Too many words, dude :) I had no time time to translate it all :)

  16. Mohd Khushairi says:

    Nice mate!

  17. Pc Welby says:

    You should tell the viewers you don’t know anything about cars you
    comparing the ride of a luxury car to a cracker boxes

  18. kameraguy says:

    reviews are never going to please everyone, but it’s nice to hear other’s
    opinions about stuff. I would suggest cleaning the car before a review,
    especially vacuuming the interior and trunk, gives the video a more
    polished look. I’m assuming this is someone’s actual car? Looks like a dent
    on the rear left fender near the door. I think the Audio interior is a
    built much nicer but once again, an opinion. Thanks for expanding your
    reviews to other brands.

  19. billpools says:

    Is this Malificent?

  20. Fahim Sultan says:

    This chap needs chris harris to exolain seat position and steering wheel
    height. The wheel is up by his nose.