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E350 Coupe

Mercedes E-Class coupe 2014 review – Carbuyer

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E350 Coupe Video Rating: 4 / 5

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E350 Coupe question by Mercedes Benz E350 coupe?
I’m looking into getting this. I was interested in the BMW 6 series but it is doggone ugly starting with its new 2011 line.
I like the Audi A5 but it doesn’t have that oomph factor to it.

Any other good choices in this class of cars? Reliable and swell?

E350 Coupe best answer:

Answer by Brandonisaur
chrysler 300?

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  1. Alaatin61 says:

    Check my channel for the 2014 BMW Series M 135i and the 535i Luxury Line.

  2. osamaFXX says:

    Its not exciting as the 4-Series ?? Sorry but the BMW 4-Series is boring as
    a Potato head ! Everyone criticized the “no sense of joy” about it.

  3. dailyforman says:

    who plays golf? or how many ppl you know, who plays golf?

  4. engineer maskin says:

    Shit car, citroen DS5 fucks mercedes e class and s class, e class is not a
    car it is shit, lada granta is more funny then mersedes and better loking

  5. crephotos says:

    mercedes are cars for people with too much money that can’t drive. Can’t
    even get one with a stick shift anymore…boring. Not to mention they are
    expensive as fuck to maintain. 

  6. Carbuyer says:
  7. TheAphrostar says:

    But why would they even put fo-leather in a their high end car? i rather
    get an Audi A5 with real leather and probably with better handling

  8. Rytis36 says:


  9. Kacicka999 says:


  10. Christopher O'Grady says:

    Surely Mercedes’ 4 series competitor is the C class coupe, not this E

  11. Simone Willemse says:

    I know I would never buy a snobbish Merc or a Tailgater aka Audi, the image
    is ruined by most of the drivers this days

  12. AM Car Parts says:
  13. Jurgen DX says:

    A good car, but i’d still get a BMW 4 Series. 

  14. Spoo Gen says:

    The new generation is ugly yes.The 6 serious is just too big and american to me.I think,than an Audi S5 looks even better than the simple one.A Merc is also great,and,if you want,that is,i strongly recommend a BMW 335i or even the M3 Coupe.Other choices?Well,an Infiniti G37 is dynamic and sold in europe,an Alfa Romeo Brera awesome to look at,not so amusing to drive and if you can buy one,try a Porsche 911 or even a Nissan GT-R.I doubt this is your budget though.