Mercedes CL65 AMG + Ferrari Enzo + BMW M5 in carwash

CL65 AMG Coupe

Mercedes CL65 AMG + Ferrari Enzo + BMW M5 in carwash

Een Mercedes CL 65 AMG, Ferrari Enzo en een BMW M5 in een wasstraat.
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CL65 AMG Coupe question by Jack: My dad said he would get me a car if my grades were up?
My dad told me he would get any car of my choice if i keep my grades up (im in 11th grade) . I plan on asking him for the Mercedes Benz CL65 AMG Coupe or the Mercedez Benz SLS AMG GT Roadster. I have told him i want either of these cars and he said that was fine and that we can go buy whichever one i want tommorow but i feel as though i am asking for to much. Do you think that me asking for either of these cars are fine or am i asking for something way to expensive (he can afford to pay it cash which is how he plans on buying it)? Anyway can you tell me which one is nicer so i can buy that one since it is a hard choice and tell me if i should buy another car that is nicer. I plan on driving to school in either of these cars on Monday so please respond quick.
I am pretty confident my grades will not drop and if they do i will be the first one to say take my car away because my 4.0 GPA and my dream of being a Cardiologist is more important to me then a car.

CL65 AMG Coupe best answer:

Answer by Janella
if you are under 18- the insurance on the roadster will triple your fathers policy cost.

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