Mercedes 2013 SLK Roadster Presentation HD Film

SLK250 Roadster

Mercedes 2013 SLK Roadster Presentation HD Film

Mercedes-Benz 2013 SLK Roadster Special Presentation HD Film .. Its roots go back to history’s first checkered flag and it’s evolved from generations of the …
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SLK250 Roadster question by nasrin: should i buy bmw z4 roadster or mercedes benz slk250 roadster?
im a lawyer and i geet 200,000 dollars a year and i have the money for both. i have a lexus suv but dont know if i should get a bmw or a mercedes
and also whats the price of bmw z4 roadster

SLK250 Roadster best answer:

Answer by SmartyPants
BMW for sure! Mercedes is not performance first. It is a luxury brand. BMW focuses on the ultimate driving experience, therefore, they take great care in performance engineering. The slk250 is a bit front heavy btw…and I love them both but if you are a lawyer, BMW is your car. Plus, Mercedes now has that huge, ugly Mercedes emblem on the front. It looks gaudy and awful! Just my opinion…I’m a car girl!

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  1. scorpofresco says:

    I have had the 250 CDI model for almost a month. It’s a real pleasure to
    drive after the other cars I’ve had, such as a VW Polo 1.4. Just no
    comparison. It does feel a little heavy though, and certainly not small.
    There’s bags of power even with the 4 cylinder diesel. Passing acceleration
    times are particularly quick with all the torque the engine provides. It’s
    as fast as a ’70s Ferrari or Porsche. I haven’t had much opportunity to
    drive with the roof down yet, though, living as I do in wet and windy
    Britain. The back end is a little twitchy in the wet. No regrets so far
    however, although it does feel as if it has been designed for the autobahn
    or US interstate rather than windy country roads. Overall verdict – sehr

  2. This video make anyone else think they’re watching a new iphone video?

  3. Actually it can get a bit exhausting for a longer drive, a specially with
    the roof down, but not as much as one would think! its really nice to drive
    longer drives with the roof up. not that much sound. Since mine’s an amg
    based car, its plate is lowered, which makes it a bit uncomfortable
    depending on the roads. but seriously all-in-all its an amazing car. I
    havnt driven 8h in one trip but this is nothing that should prevent you
    from buying it.

  4. Erika Schneider says:

    Ive driven 780 miles…no problem.

  5. Nice car i get it.

  6. Gourav Dash says:

    Please gift me one car. I know you Arab folks are rich enough.

  7. محمد الرميثي says:

    very nice, I’m thinking of getting the Slk 200.

  8. It really depends on how you drive. since im an 19 year old dude i like to
    play alot. but if you drive normally and not to short rounds (on the
    winter) it doesnt eat that much gas. I dont know the exact number but its
    nt over 0,9 so dont worry. if you want you can make it very cheap!

  9. Finn McCool says:

    Beautiful car, and I’m thinking about getting one. How is it for a long
    trip – say 8 hours of driving in a day?

  10. I have it (with amg look and feautures) and you should really buy it. such
    a perfect car. its nice, not that fast but a little fast, nice sound on the
    new turbo, beautiful interior and the girls love it. its just a all-in-one

  11. if you have a fat mcdonalds ass its quite moderate :D