Hamann Hawk SLS AMG Roadster – Exciting Ride in Monaco!

SLS AMG GT Roadster

Hamann Hawk SLS AMG Roadster – Exciting Ride in Monaco!

I went for a ride in the incredible Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster modified by Hamann Motorsport. The Hawk Roadster features a new bodykit, a loud titanium e…
SLS AMG GT Roadster Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Vitor Oliveira says:

    1.32 hhhmmm que fraco ahaha representing portugal!

  2. Christov Bro says:


  3. Greg Ramos says:

    wow i would love to live out there look at the scenery and they moutains

  4. SO geil! *_* Will auch mal in sowas mitfahren dürfen

  5. Peshuga de posho says:

    This car is super smooth when accelerating, I drove one in Monaco too
    The thing is Monaco has so many curves you can’t easily speed up.

  6. bradys supra says:

    This is one of the most awfully riced out exotics ive seen. Youve done it
    again Hamann. (Although it does sound fantastic

  7. Ilija Stefanov says:


  8. Andi Andii says:

    Awesome Car and stuff.. but.. WHAT THE HELL?! RADIO?! FOR REAL!! turn that
    shit of.. the car sounds waaaaaay better!

  9. @1:44 is that an slk ? or an sl65 amg ???

  10. Bruce Bell says:

    He car sounds like sex. But the interior is sort of cheesy. I’d drive it.
    It still looks like they put a lot of time into jt.

  11. breaktoby says:

    5:58 that Renault Wind was pulling away like CRAZY tho, holy shit!

  12. Chicken tikki masala says:

    @Danthinevalentin you only have to push the brake to go to Drive when the
    car is stopped, you dont need to push the brake to go to neutral while car
    is going. If im not mistaken

  13. Daniel dragonvlv says:

    This sound is just astonishing ! Awesome

  14. Shadygoten says:

    Lets be honest, German Cars = Best in the World <3

  15. عبدالرحمن المطيري says:

    شوارعكم ضيقه ليش الملعنه 

  16. Danthine Valentin says:

    How does he do for reving in the tunnel ? In an automatic car you does push
    the brake to spend “drive” to “neutral” but he doesn’t push the brake…can
    you explain ? Thanks ! (Sorry i dont speak Very goed english i’m Belgian.)

  17. Shaheer quercuz says:

    Screw this, buy a TATA NANO!

    Just kidding….

  18. 3:50 drive so close to the barriers… hope you enjoy the car :D 

  19. 3:00 – Yeeh, Super, Smile SMile – brrrrrrrrruuuu,,,,,

  20. Maroon 5 @ this ride, love it! 

  21. LikeReason says:

    Idiots…. look at 8:10 to the left the guy wanted to cross the zebra
    stripes and would have been almost run over…

  22. lol, von wo aus ulm kommt ihr? wohne auch dort! Ach ja geiles Auto! Könnten
    ja mal zusammen rum cruisen, habe auch nen Hamann, allerdings BMW :) Gruß!