CBR 600 RR vs R6 vs C 63 AMG Coupe TOP SPEED [1080p - GoPro Hero]

CL63 AMG Coupe

CBR 600 RR vs R6 vs C 63 AMG Coupe TOP SPEED [1080p - GoPro Hero]

Gefilmt mit 6 GoPro Kameras. Jeweils 3 an eim Motorrad. Honda CBR 600 RR – 114PS (112HP) Yamaha R6 – 120PS (118HP) Mercedes C 63 AMG Coupé – 487PS (480HP) Vi…
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CL63 AMG Coupe question by babynas42478: Should I buy a new BMW 750Li or Benz CL63 AMG and why?

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Answer by B D
You should not buy either and go with a chevy suburban. They are very dependable, inexpensive maintenance, and are useful beyond the point of driving 2-4 ppl to the store.. 4×4 and tow package!!!

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  1. 101Unit101 says:

    Did the sign he paused the video on mean there was no speed limit? Just

  2. I filmed the 2014 C63 AMG Estate and the Sedan Limited 100 Edition. Check
    my channel.

  3. Marcus Mqueen says:

    I ride a cbr1000rr repsol check my vid and I would have eaten that merc amg
    and then shit it out my exhaust pipe……

  4. M-R-Q Alqarni says:

    Thank you for this amazing video. 

  5. Иван Петров says:


  6. dreadheadmarlee25 says:

    Yup leave it to the good ole cbr600rr to finally get him!! Honda baby!!! If
    that was cbr600rr big brother cbr1000rr this wouldn’t a even been close! 

  7. Lukas Mustermann says:

    1 more abo ;)
    big like

  8. pex belgrade says:

    600cc is just fine to be one of the fastest on the highway

  9. subetay cebe says:

    merso merso…

  10. VedderTheFixer says:

    Great upload :) ..how do the bikes stick up against each other?

  11. George McKean says:

    You see, this is why I don’t ride a little 600cc bike. My bikes are all
    1000cc or larger.

  12. Fernando Gonzalez says:

    too slow 280kmh? damnn some people here hare sick, or just drive 110cc
    automatic hondas…

  13. KAASHU911 says:

    where is this heaven???

  14. omar khan says:

    If I can take a Ferrari with R6 600 you guys don’t know how to ride dude.
    Come Toronto Canada we will show u how. Very disappointed. ..remove ur
    video plz

  15. DJ edward ero says:

    super race :D …. !!

  16. adi singh says:

    the Mercedes did slowed down… didn’t it..

  17. N Eldredge says:

    What sighn is that? Nice vid

  18. albert dean castillo says:

    I think Yamaha r1 or Kawasaki ninja 1000 or Ducati can rape this Benz not
    600′s just saying because. The car was not at the red line yet both of you
    are almost there so in order to pass you need to have a extra lil more to
    squeeze. Just sayin but overall a good chase 

  19. First off this is apples and oranges. The CL63 is a pure guts performance coupe and the 750 is a 5 passenger luxury toter. You are also looking at a base price difference of about $ 30K.

    Personally if you are willing to bite on the CL63, just jump to the CL65. If you are looking for a people toter then look at simple S550 versus the 750Li