BMW 328i vs Mercedes-Benz C250! – Head 2 Head Episode 9

C250 Coupe

BMW 328i vs Mercedes-Benz C250! – Head 2 Head Episode 9

On this episode of Head 2 Head, Jonny Lieberman pits the new 2012 BMW 328i against it’s compatriot rival – the 2013 Mercedes-Benz C250. The 3 Series and C Cl…
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C250 Coupe question by Mr.Deeds: 2012 Mercedes c250 Coupe vs 2012 Infiniti G37 Coupe?
Both are about the same price. Leaning towards the Infiniti G37. What do you guys think?
Care primarily about safety and quality. Somewhat wary of European cars cause of their tendency to break down after a while and the high maintanence fee but not completely closed to the idea.

C250 Coupe best answer:

Answer by Kyle
Both the G37 coupe and Mercedes Benz C250 coupe are great cars but the G37 has established a more serious place in the luxury performance market due to its long term reputation in this segment. The Mercedes C250 coupe is fairly new to the luxury market going up against the Infiniti G37 coupe, BMW 3 series coupe & Audi A5 coupe. Over all the most competitive and respected rivals in the entry level luxury coupe segment has always been the Infiniti G37 coupe and BMW 3 series coupe which dominate the market. The Mercedes Benz C250 is a nice car but it carries none of the driving dynamics that the Infiniti composes, it does not out perform the G37 let alone the BMW 328i/335i coupe unless of course you enter AMG territory. The prime difference between the two is that the C250 coupe is basically a Luxury sport “appearance” vehicle while the Infiniti G37 actually accomplishes being a Luxury sport “performance” vehicle. Keep in mind Mercedes tends to attract a much older demographic while BMW and Infiniti primarily attract a more younger demographic. In terms of performance the C250 has no chance up against the G37 coupe. The C250 coupe composes a fairly anemic 1.8 liter engine emitting only 201 HP while the the G37 attains an impressive 3.7 liter V6 producing a potent 330 HP making it the class leader of standard horsepower against its rivals in its class. Infiniti has been the only competitor that has been able to come to par with the excellent driving dynamics of the BMW while Mercedes tends to lack its overall enthusiasm under its hood, regardless it makes up for it with its refined and supple interior. The only reason I could think of that would sway you in the direction of the Mercedes is the fact that its life cycle has just begun, so a redesign isn’t expected for another 4-5 years while the G37 has come to the end of its life cycle and will enter production in spring of 2013 as a 2014 model. Also keep in mind that Infiniti & Mercedes Benz are now partners so the next generation G37 coupe will be based off the C-class coupe platform with a longer wheel base and more engine variants. The 2014 IPL G37 coupe is getting a 3.7 liter twin turbo V6 producing 530 HP inspired from the GTR and tuned by LOTUS!! AMG based engine’s are expected to filter down into Infiniti’s IPL segment by 2014 as well. With Mercedes & Infiniti swapping technology and platform designs, Infiniti will essentially be the first Japanese Luxury brand with German DNA!! Between the two the G37 is the most sensible choice if you are a Luxury sports car enthusiast.

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  1. tingokuman says:

    I feel like such a moron right now.I’ve been in the market for a small
    luxury sedan for months now I’ve sold all my cars except my old trusty
    Volvo V70 wagon.I’ve been to over 8 dealerships looking at AUDI
    A4,Cadillac ATS,Lexus IS250,Mazda6 sedan (yea I know but I like the design)
    and Volkswagen CC…it occurred to me that 2 OR 3 of the salesmen I talked
    to said our car is built to take on the 3 series im like yea sure. The
    last sales man I dealt with slipped up and told me he was considering a BMW starts at $32,000 so I went to BMW later that day and sure as hell
    $32,300 well how much is a 328i? OMG $35,800 well equipped. What was I
    thinking all this time ? my next purchase will be a 328i .now for those
    darn W2s to show up lol.. 

  2. LOVE PEACE says:


  3. Roger Lee says:

    you can drive a 10 year old camry in malibu and still feel good.

  4. JamesJDMoe says:

    BMW <3

  5. aaron Daniels says:

    motor trend completely biased to BMW. I drive is horrible. when I looked
    for my new car I test drove both and bought the c class. its 8k dollars
    cheaper and the motor even though has less power is way more lively than
    the bmws

  6. Maiwand Azizi says:

    I wanna see benz vs mustang

  7. The 3 series seems to benefit from the additional turbo. Id like to see a
    head to head with the Audi 2.0 turbo.

    Turbos are nice, but i miss the smooth ride quality, and confidence of a 6
    cylinder. A feel that were very home to bmw and mercedes, in fact any
    premium german car. 4 Cylinders however faster now with technologies will
    somehow always belong to me to japanese cars, eco friendly or for a german
    car at max a golf and A3 models.

  8. Owned a CLK500 and now drives a BMW 545i (both top of their lines and fully
    spec-ed). I have to say the BMW is a better drive….when it doesn’t
    fucking leak!! The internal engine parts (hidden under the hood) are low
    quality mostly rubber/plastic and they are so unreliable!! For people who
    are undecided, I would really suggest going for the Merc instead for
    reliability. If you want drivability coupled with frequent visits to the
    workshop, yeah go for the BMW. 

  9. Edgardo A. Rodriguez Berrios says:

    cla 45 amg

  10. C. Hunter Hughes says:

    Bad information. the BMW 328i competes against the Mercedes-Benz C300.
    (4door sedan w/ = power). Also, totally biased towards BMW…min 1:08 pice
    as tested is almost $10,000 dollars apart in upgrades. BMW is fun to drive
    if you like to feel every tar mark in the road… oh boy…! 

  11. Joseph Paglia says:

    Had the opportunity to drive the new 328i x-drive for a week. I couldn’t
    wait to get back in my 07 335i. The steering on the f30 is numb, with
    little road feel. The suspension was very soft. Although the old e90
    suspensions were are a little harsh, the new f30 rides like an old Benz
    instead of what we come to expect from a BMW. The interior is cheap, cheap,
    cheap. Great seats, appreciate the extra room but the dash looks cheap.
    Gone is the leather arm rests on the doors, wood grain and soft plastic. My
    opinion, BMW has gone towards the softer side to appeal to a wider
    audience. This review couldn’t be more wrong!

  12. jigrodrigues says:

    I would take the merc

  13. ali homsi says:

    when are you going to test the new c class?

  14. Both are great choices, i think the g37 looks more slicker and is probably easier to handle. But the benz is also great in that it has legendary german reliability, and has great power, its 4matic system is next to none. I have a benz and its so sick, its really worth the 80 grand i paid. But man i love both cars so much. If ur gonna get an suv or saloon, go with benz, sports coupe, take infiniti

  15. I would go for the Mercedes C250 Coupe. You get the superb German engineering and reliability, plus a great looking ride with LED lights. The Infiniti G37 Coupe just looks too boring on the side. Most likely the Infiniti G37 has better handling though, but since you care more about safety and quality, definitely go for the Mercedes. The Germans are known for their extreme attention to safety standards, especially Mercedes which constantly innovates in safety technology. Also, Mercedes is much more prestigious, the most out of any luxury brand. Infiniti is made by Nissan unfortunately.