2013 New Mercedes CLA In Detail First Commercial New Coupe 2014 Carjam TV HD Car TV Show

CLA45 AMG Coupe

2013 New Mercedes CLA In Detail First Commercial New Coupe 2014 Carjam TV HD Car TV Show

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CLA45 AMG Coupe Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Eugene Von says:

    it’s a husky……………

  2. lolzlmao11 says:


  3. Hless421 says:

    Ok but what can I get in the base model? Oh, nothing much. That’s great I
    still can’t afford this shit lol

  4. lolzlmao11 says:

    does mercedes have a smart front hweel drive system or no?

  5. AlaXKiller100 says:

    insane car

  6. Businessmens says:
  7. lupinearsenalALT says:

    FYI, the CLA is NOT a family coupe. The rear seat are cramped even for
    kids. However, front seats are nice and comfy. If you want a MB, get CLA.
    If you want a legit MB sedan, go for C-class Avantegarde or E-class (meebee

  8. Fabio Eiche von Freitag says:

    Fantastisch ad. Super!

  9. Najee Jackson says:

    So the wolf scares the mercedes into running that says alot about this car.

  10. Kevin Rei says:

    One thing they forget to mention, they have system that prevents you from
    sleeping while driving like One can find in Ford cars

  11. Pers polis says:

    First time I saw it…fell in love with it. Reminds me of my C230
    2005…still have it. 

  12. AllStringsAttached says:

    Can someone tell me what the music is that’s playing in the background?

  13. Martin Rauda says:

    Beautiful commercial. 

  14. Ali Istanbul says:

    Wonderful Car…

  15. Mohammad Farag says:

    Anyone knows the background soundtrack???

  16. shubham jaiswal says:

    Amezed and sexo car 

  17. Bruno Maximos says:


  18. Abusitta Majd says:


  19. Auto Republic says:

    New Mercedes CLA – Watch out! 

  20. sakis trance says:

    I can say this is perferct car but i have 1 question…Ok you give to much
    money and get this car but after the 8-10 years what happen this all
    electronic systems ( i can’t chance evry 7-8 years my car ) ? I love the
    technology but i’m afraid for the problems is frustrating… 

  21. 3stepsfromhell says:

    wonderful wolf and nice music … 

  22. Maserati Gamil says:


  23. werter8888 says:

    odious comparison between nature and an unnatural thing. blind people BUY
    and be happy with wrong values. throw nature apart.

  24. can altekin says:

    Man look like a paul walker :(