2013 Mercedes GL 350 BLUETEC [HD]


2013 Mercedes GL 350 BLUETEC [HD]

The market launch of the new GL-Class will provide customers with three models to choose from: the GL 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC with V6 diesel engine, the V8 petrol…
GL350 BlueTEC SUV Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. David Kricheli says:

    nice music. great auto

  2. Alejando Molina says:

    Great for chinease peoples :-) lol

  3. Greg Drezek says:

    Sucha a ugly car !!!

  4. Eduardo Ramon says:

    One day it will be mine…T_T

  5. LosEdgesBikeCo says:

    Comparing Inside spacing/room, engine and Fuels consumption i am still with
    my eyes on a Nisan Pathfinder…

  6. muradalqsrawi says:

    ما شاء الله والله كريم

  7. Vladimir Putin says:

    hahaha thats classic , im gonna start using that ” chelsea tracktor”

  8. gullett1966 says:


  9. DailyOSnews says:

    TO DIE.

  10. i want a black one

  11. gullett1966 says:


  12. freezingthedarkness says:

    Who needs a office anymore with that back :) )

  13. gullett1966 says:


  14. ABOlsen69666 says:

    All of the Chelsea tractors are chick cars. GL, GLK, Cayenne, Q5, Q7, X5,
    X6, XC90, RR, RR Sport, and not to forget the ugliest of the Chelsea
    tractors, the ML are feminie cars. I like the GL for a number of reasons,
    but it does not change the fact that it signals soccer mom Chelsea tractor,
    no matter the year or model.

  15. Vladimir Putin says:

    The rear lamps look shit on the it…it now looks like a womans car.. all
    rounded and shit.. 2011 way better

  16. Arshaad Baksh says:

    I chose this one

  17. Cavad salmanov says:

    it is sper car

  18. 2:15 A mattress would fit in there. That means you could easily sleep in
    this car, which is awesome. No need for a hotel anymore, just sleep in your
    car :D