2013 Mercedes-Benz GL450 Test Drive & Luxury SUV Video Review


2013 Mercedes-Benz GL450 Test Drive & Luxury SUV Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/mercedes-benz/gl-class/2013/ The 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL represents the second generation complete with a redesign that features tons …
GL450 4MATIC SUV Video Rating: 4 / 5

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GL450 4MATIC SUV question by Broken bones stink:): I want a car that can hold 6 PPL but not an SUV…What are my options?
Im looking for a high end vehicle that can hold 6 people. I’d prefer something smaller than a big SUV but a small one might work. What is out there? Audi, BMW, Acura, Lexus, etc. A wagon would be ok(thats what i have not, Mercedes with a rear facing seat in the trunk) but im trying to find something a little different but if it turns out to be the best buy then i will definitely get another wagon. Any suggestions would be helpful and list would be perfect…

Thanks for the help…
Lincoln is NOT high end…its a ford look a like on everything…why would i want something that looks like a ford…im sorry but Lincoln has never been like by me…i feel they are all ugly and big, bulky and noe the less lets just call them a FORD…
Once again chevy is not high end…what about made over seas…german or asian cars…
6 People…if a car seats 7…it would work if it seats six…it would work…5…not enough…simple as that…oh an Mini Vans are not my thing…sorry they are awesome for family cars but not for me…

GL450 4MATIC SUV best answer:

Answer by giiufh
Old Grand Marquis.Lots of trunk space

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  1. They made the safety system standard because if you don’t die in a car
    accident you can buy another one of their cars. But in all seriousness all
    their cars are very good. But for SUVs the G-Class is by far the best from
    my personal experience. 

  2. Isaac Christian says:

    The shifter has never been on the center stack. It’s always been a column

  3. Sergey Slipchenko says:

    Gl 450 vs Gran Charokee vs Audi q7 hmm…

  4. yxs19882828 says:

    women fitness program :) )))

  5. VAHE EGOYAN says:


  6. Umut Canbaz says:



  7. Julio Rojas says:


  8. NoYourWrong1 says:

    103K!!!! WTF

  9. joe montanez says:

    Q7 its an audi its sexy sleek and vw quality with for less money and the gl
    is a huge german minivan without cool dooors

  10. BMWDRE10 says:

    You’re a pretty cool car reviewer my friend, but sorry the shifter was
    NEVER on the center console in the GL-class. It was ALWAYS next to the
    steering wheel. From 2006 – on. ;)

  11. Winter99ize says:

    Go to your Mercedes and Audi dealers and test them out. My best friend owns
    the Q7 and while it is stylish but the looks can be subjective it is very
    tight inside especially the third row and if you have alot of children the
    Q7 might not be best. But again go test drive them and see what is best for

  12. Monica Nahapetyan says:

    MY uncle has that car

  13. Jan Jansen says:

    I would love to drive that car together, I am sure we would clic

  14. phils550 says:

    as soon as he said that i had the most confused look on my face…. it’s
    really not that hard to research a car!!

  15. Jason Debly says:

    You are correct. The gear shifter was never in the centre console at all.

  16. Roop Dhillon says:

    LX > GL

  17. Islander HP says:

    assem. in us.

  18. WillTam08 says:

    Saw one in person today, looks surprisingly very good for a 7 seater.
    Interior definitely looked high class from the outside.

  19. johnatan perez says:

    My dream car

  20. Tech Defender says:

    should i get the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL450 or the 2012 Audi Q7??

  21. LexVVTi says:

    thats typical German luxury 4 ya…they start at $60k but u gotta add a
    whole nother car worth of options to it in order 4 it to really be a
    Mercedes – otherwise its just as bland as a $60k Chrysler

  22. SanDiegoInnOut says:

    Best SUV out there, besides the Geländewagen of course.

  23. Tech Defender says:

    Ummmm….. not an answer

  24. beverhouzen says:

    try the benz R-class…(kinda like the chrylser pacifica) slightly larger ther then the m class ..built on the same platform ..

    BMW is also coming out with the x6 but that wont b here til some time next year …

    THere will also be a Lincoln version of the upcoming ford flex ..(built off a volvo platform)

    other then that your choices are limited on the high end scale ..

    ok .. ok … go with the r class … very nice and is offred with a v-8 ..

  25. http://chevy.com/impala
    It might not be expensive and preppy like you want it, but it is sure is more reliable, safer and easier to fix.

    You have high expectations.
    Don’t ask a question and then reject everyone that answers to the best of their ability.
    If you’re going to be dumb about it, go find it out for yourself.

  26. how big are the people?