2013 Mercedes-Benz C250 Sedan – Review

C250 Luxury Sedan

2013 Mercedes-Benz C250 Sedan – Review

Does a four-cylinder engine belong under the hood of a Mercedes?The prestigious German automaker is challenging convention with its new C250 sedan. Did they …
C250 Luxury Sedan Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Andries Steyn says:

    Interesting, I take note of your comment on the door locks. The plunger
    style door locks is only for the American market where it is a regulation.
    None of the Mercedes in other countries come with the plungers. Since 1980
    they have disappeared.

    As for the engines, the C250 is very similar in performance to the C300,
    but the 300 is way smoother and quieter. At the end of the day it depends
    on what kind of driving you are going to do.

    Good review, thank you.

  2. Yes dude… I did get them mixed up

  3. Bruno Andrade says:

    The review is correct just purchased a C250 Coupe and I don´t miss at all
    the Pentastar V6 with 305hp from my previous car a Challenger. This turbo
    4cc is faster than the heavy V6 mopar, that´s engeneering, light engines,
    and amazing 24 mpg on my daily comute, of course, on board of a much more
    confortable car with AMG seats which is standard for the Coupes.

  4. Not sure if the American version is different or whether you have the wrong
    figures!! the C250 in the UK has 204bhp and 369ft/lbs of torque and is a
    2.2 ltr engine, the C220 is also a 2.2 but only kicks out 170bhp and
    295ft/lbs , we also have a C200 and C180 with 1.8 engines, less power and
    less torque.

  5. jwatwater says:

    As far as the door pin locks go, you get use to them after a while. The way
    the shoulder of the car is made, it’s too awkward for you to rest your arm
    on the window anyway…

  6. The reason they all have a “Navi” button is that you can, at any time,
    purchase the Becker aftermarket module that plugs into the slot in the
    glovebox. Did you look in the glovebox or read the manual? I wish more
    cars allowed for such future upgrades.

  7. What the hell is that thing this guy is pulling after him at 0:40, a cable
    or a tail? lol…

  8. 0599910801

  9. Reseach micheal hastings if thinking of buying the c250. Car exploded for
    no reason!! Please.

  10. Kasaan Bell says:

    a mercedes was the first car in the world t.t

  11. Louis .Win says:

    So funny seeing that cord behind u LOL

  12. gentlemonsterkennels says:

    my 2012 5.0 is being serviced for an axle leak. dealer put me in rental.
    decided to pay $15 on top of what dealer covers to get the c250. I LMAO
    when dude offered my the c250. I love it. My daily driver has 412 so I know
    fast. I was expecting this car to be turtle slow. Man, it’s pretty quick. I
    was surprised. Thanks to this car, I know what I’m getting next…….C63
    507 AMG!!

  13. The wire loooool!

  14. James Mathai says:

    Great review!

  15. CRAIG COLE FROM AUTOLINE TV …I was wondering where he went!

  16. ARusso22TV says:

    the c class is just to say you drive a benz…

  17. Good review!

  18. Is the same car Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings died in? If so,
    would be curious to see some National Highway Safety crash test footage
    showing the C250 crashing into a wall at top speed and ejecting the engine
    100 yards BEHIND it as local news reports of the Hastings crash describe.
    Has an engine ejection like that ever been recorded for any car ever, let
    alone a Mercedes? Daimler, NHTSA and the CIA need to hash out a plausible
    official narrative to put doubting auto consumers at ease.

  19. juangalicia1990 says:

    The acura type r is. 1.8l natural aspire with same power. Wow my $5000 98
    civc can beat this car.

  20. mengomichael says:

    i love this guy. give him more reviews to do. i enjoy his opening. he
    really grabs ones attention

  21. Great review thx