‘ 2013 / 2014 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Edition 507 ‘ Test Drive & Review – TheGetawayer

C63 AMG Sedan

‘ 2013 / 2014 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Edition 507 ‘ Test Drive & Review – TheGetawayer

This is the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Edition 507, AMGs last C-Class sedan with the fabulous M156 engine. A proper dinosaur and easily one of the most exciting c…
C63 AMG Sedan Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. TheGetawayer says:

    ‘ 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG PP ‘ Test Drive & Review – TheGetawayer

  2. Kenny Yoshitoya says:

    Who hired Arnold to do Car Reviews? Fuck sake…

  3. Daniel Sadjadian says:

    Lovely car and great review. But the bit at the very end were you talked
    about how car manufacturers are getting rid of cars like this, was really
    sad. For example on the new C63, why couldn’t Mercedes put an option for
    petrol heads, to still have the 6.2 V8 engine instead of the 4.0 V8 Biturbo

  4. Sandra Rios says:

    Another great video and another great car. My oldest son used to have a C63
    AMG that just sounded mean. Then he started a family and had to go the way
    of the SUV. My youngest son bought himself an M Roadster, which isn’t
    nearly as mean sounding, but still great fun to drive (when he visited us
    one time and let me take it out for a spin).

    But again TheGetawayer, you’re turning out some really cool videos. You
    have your own style as opposed to trying to copy the look of Top Gear UK
    test drive videos that so many people try to do and fail miserably. Again,
    well done.

  5. Me ontenz says:

    Affalterbach kicks ass!

  6. Lovely review //AMG

  7. ZyloeOnee says:

    Can u buy these in america? All videos have the steering wheel on the right
    hand side :/

  8. nubserver says:

    //AMG over ///M

  9. Stuart Leatherland says:

    Brilliant and honest review, get’s a big thumbs up from me. That sound oh
    my, get’s me every time.

  10. Jamil Mukhtar says:

    I want to know what’s the best option. Buying a new c63 amg or getting a
    used C63 507 edition with less than 8,000 miles. I just saw the 507 edition
    offered at a dealership near me. It’s slightly cheaper than a brand new C63

  11. Samuel Bertram says:

    One day …one day.

  12. Marco Vanni says:

    This is an awesome beast; the M156 engine is a power house! AMG
    is extending the final production on the 507 coupe starting January :-) 

  13. DatBoii Swade says:

    ///M POWER over //AMG

  14. Kiel Constantine says:

    Yeah, M156 V8 Engines will become the next future classic.
    I hope the next W205 bi-turbo AMG version will be as fun as this W204.
    In some future years, I’ll be longing the roaring lion’s sound from this
    Ooh my dream car.. If only I have the money.

  15. Jonathan Kenny says:

    Love watching him, he is great and so passionate about cars 

  16. Fucking awsome :) 

  17. Ramy Fares says:

    Top speed of 177mph, that’s 285km/h. Pretty fast and powerful car

  18. Zach Blank says:

    I really hope I can get my hands on this car, yet I might not be able to.. :( 

  19. Can anyone point me to some aftermarket wheels that have similar style as
    the one on the c63.. Thanks. Also I want an affordable option

  20. Do these have an LSD?

  21. Josh Condor says:

    This new guy is literally awesome thanks dude!

  22. Osvaldo Sigala says:

    How much $$$$

  23. Dacrazy-can says:

    one m5 later mercedes

  24. LUCAS300L says:

    +TheGetawayer how does the standard sedan handle compared to the 507. Is it
    fun and nimble on back roads or does it feel nervous and unbalanced. 

  25. Vishal Gupta says:

    Sounds like a Messerschmitt. Best sounding V8!