2012 Mercedes SLK 350

SLK350 Roadster

2012 Mercedes SLK 350

Redesigned and reloaded with tech, but it’s not worth the price you pay or the power you get.
SLK350 Roadster Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. Ismo Mattila says:

    embarrassment? … this video is an embarrassment.

  2. John Sneddon says:

    Cooley’s reviews are usually both very thorough and very honest. I think he
    gives a fair and balanced look at automobiles and doesn’t seem to pull any
    punches. Thats refreshing when most reviewers have no clue about
    automobiles or how they stack up to the various competitors in their

  3. Vladimier Croft says:

    That shit will for sure become a grumpy shit old man, annoying to watch.

  4. Juan Moya says:

    This guy is by far the most negative car reviewer on the net. Yes he is
    very eloquent and appears to know about cars but…. why the constant and
    excessive criticism? Is like he is always trying to look the bad and the
    ugly instead of praising the good attributes of the car. The Porsche
    Panamera is one of the best car out there and half of his review was about
    how much he disliked the appearance. So far I have only seen one review
    where the there was more positive than negative……… the one he did on
    the Maserati GT. 

  5. mrsplat121 says:

    He seems too critical and that going into it he had a negative perspective.
    It looks great and it’s quite reasonably priced.

  6. simon borrisholt says:

    The hold function is only turned on by pumping the brake on a european
    mercedes. So it only engages then you wan’t it to.


    This guy seems like the kind of guy who watches the weather channel and
    cheers on the hurricane. Why don’t you go down to the children’s hospital
    and root for cancer?

  8. This car is meant for such a niche audience

  9. MrTechAddict7 says:

    2:15 “gets this 3400 pound migit”.. HAHAHA

  10. MeNoLikeyGoogle+ says:

    Christ these wanna-be car junkies…Corvette ZR1 would not catch a Ferrari
    (or a Lamborgini for that matter-) on a race track. On a drag strip?
    Different story. You’ve obviously never gone around a corner in a ZR1.
    Besides that, the car is literally made of the cheapest materials known to
    man. Comparing a ZR1 to German cars is dumb as well. Esp. With Mercedes,
    luxury comes before speed. The ZR1′s supercharged engine compensates for a
    small penis. Germans will always sell better.

  11. th415263 says:

    Oh and other reviews seem to agree with me when I say the engine and
    throttle response is rather smooth. No, it’s not peaky. You’re a moron. And
    one more thing, everyone knows Mercedes engines have the best
    engine/exhaust notes around, so stop making up shit and review cars

  12. mikenpiggy says:

    fuck me!! do you know even know even one thing about cars??? by the way i
    owned ferraris, porsches, audi R8 etc please dont post anything else car

  13. Araby Hassan says:

    This guy always talks about the negative things. Never the good

  14. TwinkSpain5 says:

    I have the SLK 350 R171 and I am delighted with it, but I like mine this

  15. dasgrosseC says:

    what an idiot!!!! what nice car! americans-.-