2012 Mercedes-Benz ML350 BlueTEC HD Video Review


2012 Mercedes-Benz ML350 BlueTEC HD Video Review

http://drivencarreviews.com/ The 2012 Mercedes-Benz ML350 gets an evolutionary design and some serious improvements to the chassis and cabin. If you’re on th…
ML350 BlueTEC SUV Video Rating: 4 / 5

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ML350 BlueTEC SUV question by noitall: Is the Mercedes GLK-350 good on fuel?
I plan to buy a Mercedes GLK-350, and was wondering if it’s hard on fuel when using it around the city.

ML350 BlueTEC SUV best answer:

Answer by Scott
It’s really not the best for it’s size. 16 city, 22 highway, and 18mpg combined.

But it’s still a cute ute!

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  1. Samuel Goldstein says:

    We ordered a Lunar Blue non-diesel 350 with beige MB-Tex instead of
    leather. It has every option except for the DVD players, heated/cooled
    cupholders, and AMG wheels. We pick it up this Friday. Upgrading from a
    2010 GLK350. So excited for this car, since the GLK is kinda small for 4
    people with ski gear and clothes. 

  2. machinejet says:

    @freebird20002012 your point?

  3. SBDukes51 says:

    my mom had this in white.. i loved it. now we have the glk350 :(

  4. Rabee Ali says:

    Mercedes-Benz ML350 i know this car top speed car in the world 2012

  5. Jun Wei Quah says:

    why do americans always wear oversized polo tees

  6. Driven Car Reviews says:

    @karthikaikumar M-Class is a 5 seater. I bet the folks at your local
    Mercedes dealership would be happy to show you a GL though. It seats 7.

  7. Khalid Ahmad says:

    They started manufacturing as of August 1st, the delivery date would depend
    on where you live, for Canada it is sometime in September

  8. whatever04811 says:

    I miss good old gear knobs in the middle

  9. misterq0604 says:

    Interior looks like a significant improvement over previous gen ML. Very
    upscale design, modern features and better materials. I have 09 ML350
    (gas), and things are falling apart already… There are many trims and
    pieces that don’t seem to be tightened and bolted securely. Did you notice
    any tracking issue with the new ML? The current one is very hard to keep
    straight at higher speeds.

  10. Djonkie Bonk says:

    Excellent SUV but technology is going a bit far these days. If you can’t
    parallel park or learn to check your blindspot then you shoudn’t be driving.

  11. Personally I like the older generation ML.. This one seems to try and
    attract a younger crowd.

  12. shoticko s says:

    what is bluetec can anybody explain ?

  13. Jason Shreeves says:

    MB still needs to do some work on their Comand center…

  14. Steward Lie says:

    How come I never seen this before? I like it! Subscribing!

  15. Nice car, but you can get an Explorer with more room and all of the same
    features (minus the diesel and lane departure warning) for thousands less!
    Oh, and excellent review.

  16. Jugmohunsingh says:

    where is the off road

  17. Which versions will the new generation ML come in? As in
    300,320,350,500,55,63? Which ones? And will they come in AMG models? Great
    review by the way :)

  18. Bostonian In MO says:

    You’ll be lucky to get the EPA 16 MPG around town. 12 is probalby more like it, and don’t forget that it requires premium fuel.

  19. Bandit-05 says:

    It depends on what you’re comparing it to really. If you’re coming from a full-size sport-brute, it will be pretty decent. If you’re coming from a compact or midsize car, the fuel bill will be higher than what you’re accustomed to.

    As mentioned above, the GLK, along with all other Benz gasoline-powered vehicles, requires premium unleaded as well. That will be an additional expense you need to keep in mind.