2012 Mercedes-Benz C250 Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive

C250 Luxury Sedan

2012 Mercedes-Benz C250 Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive

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C250 Luxury Sedan Video Rating: 4 / 5

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C250 Luxury Sedan question by : C250 Luxury Sedan of Mercedes expensive to maintain?
I’m planning to get the c250 Luxury Sedan of Mercedes but my mom told me that it is expensive to maintain? Well I don’t know much about car and speed and etc. but I do love this coz aside that it is quality made I love the technology you can add on to it. I wanted a car that can make me feel that it’s my 2nd home. I don’t care about the speed I just wanted something that can make me feel comfortable and the safety aspect of.

Is there a store that can offer less/cheap price for the maintenance/repairs or will be volvo S60 will be a good choice?

Thank you.

C250 Luxury Sedan best answer:

Answer by Wilt the Stilt
Very very expensive to maintain so is the Volvo. Try checking out the American made cars that are a lot cheaper to buy and especially to maintain.I work at a Mercedes dealership and I can’t afford one.

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  1. C250 is a 2.1 not a 1.8… 

  2. Ng Zheng Da says:

    My dream car…….

  3. Tsaunders1307 says:

    Interior looks cheap. What a piece of junk car

  4. the transmission is 6 speed not 7…

  5. Robert Schneider says:

    Hey can you do a review of a c300.

  6. Edwin Corrales says:

    +jetliigor please email me at please and thank you!

  7. Pedro Barraza says:

    I don’t think is better than BMW

  8. Benny Wong says:

    The earlier face lifted C Class models have their indicator stalk there
    like it is shown in the video, but the later face lifted models have their
    indicator stalk where the cruise control of the earlier face lifted models

  9. How many fucking times do we have to listen to that “germans make you pay
    for everything”?? If you want an asian POS which is fully equipped, then go
    ahead and purchase one…

  10. Cody Rodgers says:

    What an annoying and illiterate reviewer…

  11. shaheer khan says:

    some day!

  12. snydergt says:

    If you are doing a review, you should come armed with the facts on the car
    - there are way to many “I believes” and “I thinks” regarding the equipment
    and other easy to find information. There are several inaccuracies about
    model year content, when the updates occurred, and trim lines available on
    the car.

  13. jan kowalski says:

    super review thanx

  14. Uceff 99 says:

    At 1:31 see those white bitches at top left corner ? Make it a raptor and
    it shall be mine in the future :) 

  15. Castre Doss says:


  16. I know … Because I picked one up last Friday :-) ))) 

  17. Edwin Corrales says:

    HEY! do you have an instagram? I want to see the car you got, Im also in a
    market for a 2014 honda accord coupe dxl with navi and your comment about
    getting a bans for a better offer made me think about it, let me know asap,
    greatly appreciate it +jetliigor 

  18. chrisiden says:

    why dont you try reviewing cars and see how good you are…. Saabkyle for
    your information is making 100k a year letting google use his car
    reviews… i woould say he is doing something right… hes also a scientist
    studying medicine and pharmacy…

  19. methoxeta says:

    “with german cars you have to pay extra for everything” x57

  20. leon miller says:

    He only said it because he’s Japanese of course he’s going to hate on the

  21. psdude23 says:

    I prefer japanese.

  22. NOLAItsNotOva says:

    Which is why all German car makers make you pay extra for things that would
    otherwise be included in a package for an American or Japanese car?