Would You Buy A Subaru BRZ Or A Lotus Elise? — AFTER/DRIVE

Lotus Elise

Would You Buy A Subaru BRZ Or A Lotus Elise? — AFTER/DRIVE

BRZorThat is back, and this time the Toyobaru squares off with the Lotus Elise, now going for around 30 grand in the used-car market. Which one would YOU buy? Vote now at http://slashdrive.tv/BRZo…
Lotus Elise Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Subaru BRZ or Lotus Elise.. That’s an easy one.. It just depends on what
    you plan on using it for.. As a secondary fun car for the weekend corner
    carving and track use? Elise hands down.. But if you want a fun to drive
    car that’s also very usable as an everyday transport, the BRZ’s got the

  2. silverfd says:

    if you can mod a brz to have about 350-400rwhp, id take that over an elise

  3. FightScienceAa82 says:

    I would pick the Lotus Elise over the BRZ without having to think about it.
    It is a far superior choice. 

  4. Phil Wile says:

    at 3:49 they talk about changing from 3rd to 4th before 60mph. Surely they
    mean 2nd to 3rd?

  5. c5natie1 says:

    If you want an actual sports car that can handle, why go with such an
    underpowered car like the BRZ? Takes all the fun out of it. No balls
    whatsoever. So many more options out there, c5 corvettes, bmw z3 z4 m1,
    s2000, he’ll even one of those mb slk roadsters with a kompressor. The BRZ
    needs at least 260hp and over 200ftlbs, not the anemic 150 ft lbs or so it
    delivers. And I know it can be modified, I’m referring to bare minimum for
    bone stock

  6. kenyanpride4lyfe says:

    Elise over the BRZ but thats because I currently drive a celica, so I would
    like to build my 2zz and boost it, then in the future swap my built 2zz
    into the Elise, then sell my celica with the 2zz in the Lotus, but it’s all
    a dream for now 

  7. Wheelnut78 says:

    Both cars are great fun but I would pick the Elise because I love the looks
    and the BRZ is becoming too common now. I would also be less likely the
    throw lots of money at the Elise in modifying it, I would go nuts on a BRZ.

  8. Andy NEWBOLD says:

    The discussion on the availability of part for the Lotus is a nonsense.
    Because NOBODY scraps a Lotus, they last forever and SOMEONE will always
    manufacture all of the parts.

  9. MrGimmethreesteps says:

    Is this seriously a question? One is the last of light weight mid engine
    affordable sports cars, the other is nothing more than a boring miata

  10. mysuperliam says:

    I’d rather have the subaru, the lotus is way to Low for my comfort

  11. hacker pro says:

    There are less of the lotus problems if you live in the uk it’s possible to
    go to the lotus factory and get parts

  12. Why is there a video discussion about this? If you’re buying a GT86
    strictly for track days then you’ve made the wrong choice. The Elise is an
    exotic sports car you stunt on the weekdays and track on the weekends. The
    86 you have fun in after picking up the groceries. 

  13. tony nguyen says:

    1 lotus = 3 Brz ?

  14. TheRaguORagula says:

    If you haven’t already, do a BRZ or e46 M3 or E30 M3

  15. yves-st Dorian says:

    Car review with no physical cars on sight.. Just watching them talking..

  16. id just buy a focus st, its faster, cheaper, more useful as well.

  17. Cole Platt says:

    You have 30,000 and you want to buy a unique elise or an everyday driver
    brz? Id take the elise, chances are you will never get another opportunity
    to buy one, and honestly if its that impractical just buy a cheap daily
    driver as a second car

  18. I love my little Lotus to death, no-one will ever take it off me and no its
    not my daily driver. My X5 BMW is for daily. Its just so much fun to drive
    and I get my kicks watching the look on slack jawed yokels going “look maw
    that’s some fancy lookin automobile that there is!”

  19. The Elise is a great second or third car, but not something you should get
    for daily driving. I loved my Elise, and it was both incredible fun to
    drive and a privilege to experience, but I recently traded it in for
    something a bit more… grown up.

    If you just want amazing handling, the BRZ is a great fit. If you want an
    open top, get the next gen Miata. If you want a kart for the street, that’s
    when you buy the Elise.

  20. 11033066099 says:

    Are parts for the Lotus REALLY that expensive and hard to come by?? I
    really want 1 but this review has me skeptical.

  21. encinitasdad says:

    I bought an 05 Elise this week.

    Live in So Cal, and work at home, so very little bad weather, no commute.

    My wife is going to hate it, but hey. Let destructive and expensive than a

  22. You don’t buy an Elise/Exige for comfort. It’s mainly a race car thus
    comfort and options isn’t it’s main focus. This car is also not meant for
    drag racing either. This car is a monster on the curves like no other. Tons
    of cars are based or developed by Lotus. BRZ has many different names but
    all the same technology. Elise is faster 0 to 60 by 1 second. If you want a
    faster car then hands down its the Lotus. If you want comfort and
    options…BRZ. If you want a car that will get attention everywhere you
    go…LOTUS. I’m 6ft 250lbs and fit comfortably in the Lotus Elise. As for
    long drives…not so much.

  23. The Elise is much more of a drivers car, even though the BRZ is very
    capable. I would still take a third gen MR2 though…