What makes the Lotus Evora great? by autocar.co.uk

Lotus Evora

What makes the Lotus Evora great? by autocar.co.uk

Steve Sutcliffe on the Lotus Evora at Autocar’s best handling car day. See autocar.co.uk’s Evora news, reviews and videos at http://www.autocar.co.uk/lotus/e…
Lotus Evora Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. buttnut1080 says:

    This car reminds me of the NSX from 2005. Both are six cylinders, both have
    manual boxes, both have great chassis’, they both have Japanese hearts
    which are in the middle, and both handle brilliantly.

  2. me2ontube says:

    looks too plain

  3. he kinda looks like william shatner

  4. Jonathan De Oleo says:

    ooh man everytime i watch one of these boring reviews reminds me why i
    watch top gear instead.

  5. Stupid Epic Video! says:

    it also has great mpg

  6. tcardosob says:

    how can you say it is ugly? it is bloody gorgeous xD

  7. Randomnormality says:

    From what i have read the price is hovering somewhere around 70-80
    thousand, but this is still pure speculation

  8. Towelman20 says:

    i love the lotus evora.

  9. carl206rc says:

    @Janusha second half 2011 should be here engine could come from bmw with
    500hp – 550hp

  10. xblackjack69x says:

    engine is :)

  11. Micah Pivarnik says:

    Thats not the comment i ment to reply to, gosh now i look like the retarded
    one. I have failed :(

  12. Micah Pivarnik says:

    It kind of looks like a tesla.

  13. Greg Cole says:

    I know its a 3.0L V6 out of a Camry I think. Thats making about 276bhp.

  14. ShaoKarn335 says:

    not getting payed very much? lol

  15. Powerhousewanted says:

    OH Awesome car btw!

  16. @phantomloita Yea but a more powerful fuck is always a better fuck.

  17. Hada Cakraningrat says:

    Lotus cars aren’t for car enthusiast…or fanboys… it’s built for:
    DRIVING Enthusiast!!

  18. @BKsMassive lay off the pipe, son.

  19. 35yearoldboy says:

    Why would Lotus even TRY to build a 2×2 seater?Its a daft idea,and ended up
    as a daft looking car.Gimme an Elise SC any day.

  20. I love how it looks.

  21. flamekid220 says:

    i’m wondering who the guy with the helmet was.

  22. carl206rc says:

    @Janusha New lotus sprit coming soon

  23. Sam Tu Tuong Chung says:

    but their engines are japanese